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Ultralight but easy to push pushchair needed!

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notcitrus Tue 12-Jul-11 13:28:47

Help - ds is nearly 3. I'm pregnant and suffering SPD already and it's getting too hard to fold and lift his Maclaren XT into the shed at nursery.

So I need a really light easy-to-fold pushchair to get him to nursery (15 min walk for me), but needs high enough handles that I don't do my shoulders in reaching down to them - this happens with the Maclaren Triumph or a 3-wheeler where you have to push down to turn.

Any recommendations? There seem to be ones for £25 in Mothercare but would they last at all?

Any tips on getting a stubborn child to walk in a direction of your choosing also appreciated - I have a backpack with leash but it doesn't help the sit-down protests and the lie-down ones are doing my arms in. BIL says just wait for him to get bored and get up but when I said after an hour I was getting cold he said 'Ah - you have a different child from me. No idea!' Aaargh...

pramsgalore4 Tue 12-Jul-11 14:00:19

the mothercare jive is low , i am 5 foot and right height for me, baby jogger city mini is light weight and super easy one hand fold, handle bar is fixed but i don't know how high it is,

DingleDangleDiva Tue 12-Jul-11 16:07:52

Hi my DS was the same but luckily I only had him to contend with, I got him a scooter which he loved going back and forth to nursery on and I also played games along the way like I will race you to the next lampost/hedge/bin which also worked well as it broke the walk up for him although it was mind numbing for me grin

The BJCM is great but not sure it's lighter than the XT although it is better as it has the bar handle (my 6ft DP never had an issue with the height).

The Nipper 360 is rediculously lightweight but handle height is'nt great.

Guildfordnanny Tue 12-Jul-11 17:09:59

I have a Babyhome Emotion Xtreet which is very light but I sense you don't want to spend much on a new pushchair and they are just over £200. But I thought I would mention it.

brookeslay Tue 12-Jul-11 17:13:05

petite zia very light good steerring good recline for sleeping. Very easy folding and cheap !

codandchipstwice Tue 12-Jul-11 19:48:37

Micralite is fab for this as it is so light to push and you don't need to twist your body much to turn corners, a problem I've foudn with many strollers.

I would, however, go for a four wheeler if your pavements have any camber as I found trying to stop a three wheeler from wheeling into the road (the phil and ted was a complete bugger for this) absolutely the most painful ever (like recalcitrant shopping trolleys).

Bugaboos good too

Good luck, and I totally sympathise, SPD is just evil


OuchFriggingBludger Tue 12-Jul-11 21:34:36

MICRALITE superlite!!

OuchFriggingBludger Tue 12-Jul-11 21:38:24

oh,and my dd does that too VERY stubborn.
so,i put her in the buggy !grin

however,just recently at 2.11yrs,shes got really good at riding her micro scooter,and is uncommonly well behaved with it! (i know this would NOT have worked until now though)

notcitrus Wed 13-Jul-11 12:47:37

Heh Bludger - if ds had his way he would ride in his buggy permanently! Hence wanting a light one for putting him in when necessary. He also naps well in it. In fact until he was a month old he wouldnt' sleep anywhere else so I slept in the lounge with him in it!

About to try potty training again, with the promise that after 2 weeks of doing it he can have a scooter - now he's finally tall enough to just about ride it.

Will look out the Micralite.

MooM00 Wed 13-Jul-11 13:17:56

If the maclaren is still ok to push I'd stick with it and ask one of the other parents to fold it and stow it away for you. I'd do it for any pg lady who muttered the evil letters spd.
We always had reins (sp?) rather than a backpack and it's easier to stop the dc from sitting down, but maybe not, if you have spd nothing is easy.

nicolamumof3 Wed 13-Jul-11 13:23:13

micralite superlite or nipper 360.

or mini micro scooter! My ds was turfed out of his pushchair at 3.5yr as im pg myself with spd and he's amazed me how far he'll walk and is great on scooter. Also gets over the feeling he might have of being pushed out of pushchair by baby?

notcitrus Thu 14-Jul-11 19:16:45

Yes, plan to use mini micro scooter ASAP for getting to nursery (hence new plan of him just going along with pants and potty for a fortnight, rather than actually getting good at it...), but we go out places a lot and he still needs an afternoon nap, which he will do in a pushchair.

Will have a word with nursery about the pushchair - might be feasible to leave it outside the door instead, if I don't mind it getting rained on sometimes. The nursery only has 30 kids who come spread over a couple hours in the morning so often I don't see anyone and the people who are there are legging it for a train (next to station - staff say it's great for not having clinging parents hanging around!)

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