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Stokke - Good for use in parks / non-flat surfaces?

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StueyB Sun 10-Jul-11 17:13:59

Hi all...

We've narrowed our pushchair/travel system down to 2, Stokke Xplory and the new Joolz Day, both for reasons specific to us, we've ruled out iCandy, Bugaboo, Silver Cross, T&P, M&P etc.

However we really need some help from anyone with a Stokke... It has no suspension, and the journey to school involves crossing a park or putting 15 minutes on the journey to avoid it. With no suspension, what is it like in a park for example? My use will be solely town use, pavements and parks.

We think there is a slight lean towards the Stokke over the Joolz, but have seen a review where it says Stokke is not good on anything other than flat ground.

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

pramsgalore4 Sun 10-Jul-11 18:34:23

Hi, i used to have a stokke up until recently and my school run involved going accross grass [it was not nice smooth flat grass either it was the local green very bumpy, it handled it well but was a little bumpy for my dd, but not too much and she never complained, i would not want to take it accross anything rougher though. they are lovely to push and baby is at your level which is great when they are tiny, but even better when older and you can talk to dc as you go along, you do get alot of comments as they are different. also great being high up they are away from dogs and car fumes. i loved my stokke and they come with a 3 year warrenty grin

SkelleyBones Mon 11-Jul-11 14:34:47

I would say that is the only reason my Stokke has spent 11 out of 13 months in the boot of DH's car, it's awful on bumpy ground. When DS was in the carrycot he jumped out of his skin over every bit of rough pavement so I stopped using it for that, then the pushchair part is such a bugger to take on and off for traveling I'm just not motivated to use it. We are in town but the pavement is rubbish.
The best pram I've found for off road is the £40 from ebay emmaljunga, fantastic suspension and rear facing too.

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