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Bugaboo Bee - broken handle

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tallbirduk Mon 04-Jul-11 22:04:19

I have a 2008 Bugaboo Bee which I loved, a lot, from when DS1 was born in June 2008 until just recently.

DS2 came along last year and so the pram has been mainly used for him for the last 6 months or so - basically - it has been in constant use for the last 3 years.

Anyway, about 5 months ago the handle started getting a bit stiff to open and close on the left hand side and then finally broke: the clip just doesn't do anything any more. Last week the same happened on the right so now the handle basically just goes up and down with nothing (apart from some strategically placed duct tape) to stop it.

Has anyone else had this problem? If so what did you do?

I have been in touch with Bugaboo but no luck there. It is out of warranty and it is not a part that can be easily replaced - it would need a whole new chassis which I am not willing to fork out for.

I am gutted to be honest. I was the biggest fan of the Bee and now I just feel a bit ripped off sad

pramsgalore4 Mon 04-Jul-11 22:16:39

i have read in other threads, sites etc this happening to alot of people, i do think you are paying for the name, i have had a bee and a cameleon and both had problems, the main one being was the wheel fell apart and came off my bee after only a week, i got a full refund as i was not prepared to except the repair they offered sad , i am glad i did now after reading loads of problems people have had.

MonkeysPunk Tue 05-Jul-11 13:38:49

Sorry to hear that they were not more helpful to you. However, if you contact trading standards you may be able to get them to replace the chassis.
UK law states that the product sold must be fit for purpose.
It is reasonable to expect a pram would be in constant use until 4y of age - and so if they are refusing to replace the chassis I think they are in breach of the law.
I would definately contact trading standards first - follow their advice and then contact Bugaboo again about this, telling them that you have been in touch with trading standards to find out your rights as a consumer.

I think the whole "two year warranty" is not as good as it sounds - they're promising to do what they should be doing by law in anycase for two years - except for they're actually obliged to make sure the product is fit for purpose (and durable) for longer than this - it is not expected a baby will cease to need their buggy after two years normally is it!
The warranty is working in the manufacturers favour by putting people off chasing up their rights as a consumer after the 2 year period - making them think "oh the warranty is up - I can't do anything"... The whole warranty thing is a CON! Even if the buggy had NO warranty - the manufacturer is legally obliged to the original purchaser to make sure the product they have sold is fit for purpose and for the whole of the expected lifespan of that product - NOT a mere two years!!!!

MonkeysPunk Tue 05-Jul-11 13:45:49

PS I had a Bugaboo Cam for 4 months - after which the seat unit was coming unstiched and the binding on the basket had ripped away from the material leaving a large tear at the top of the basket - and it hanging low.
They replaced the parts straight away (though delivery took 10 days) - but I totally lost confidence in the product - I unusually had bought for a toddler - most folk would buy for a new baby - and possibly not put the product through it's paces so quickly. However the child was only 11kg - and the shopping basket only had a few nappies, wipes, blanket and occasional bag of shopping in it - so it wasn't durable or fit for the purpose stated in the description.
Perhaps if I'd used with lighter newborn it would have taken a lot longer for the lack of durability to show up. I too lost faith in bugaboo - I think they're too delicate for me using with a toddler and walking 4 miles a day (that's probably a lot further than the average user goes with theirs day in day out).

I'd advise through trading standards you get the chassis replaced FOC and then decide if you'll keep the buggy or sell it on.

I sold mine on - and have moved onto "Uppababy vista" (bugaboo's biggest competitor I think). I have found the Uppababy vista has many advantages over the Bugaboo features and it seems a lot more solidly made - and yet remains light and easily manouverable to use.

pramsgalore4 Tue 05-Jul-11 13:49:17

yes this is how i got a refund in full so easily and that incuded the acessories as well, i was not happy and they had lent me a recalled pushchair to use it had a brake issue so was not safe so angry but thats another thread. i also reported this. although trading standards may say you have to go back to the retailer you bought it from as they are reponsible for what they sell. but yes a product should last for the right time span

tallbirduk Wed 06-Jul-11 16:27:07

Thanks guys (apols for being slow to reply) - I did think about persuing it under the "fit for purpose" argument, but wasn't sure really what time period would count as reasonable. A fair point regarding the age to which you would expect to use such a pram though.

I will contact trading standards and see what they say.............

MonkeysPunk Wed 06-Jul-11 19:06:15

Please let us know how you get on. I really hope you get a free replacement chassis. I will feel outraged on your behalf if you don't!

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