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Need a sunshades for quinny buzz, which is best?

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manicmummyonadietcokebreak Mon 04-Jul-11 14:36:10

never brought a sunshade before, just parasols. But I'm going to be walking 4 miles a day in sept on the school run, I have the quinny buzz in rear facing mode so I can see dd.
Choices are 1) Koo-Di Pack-It Stroller Sun & Sleep Shade
Or 2) shade a babe buggy sunshade,
Pros - 1) COST, am on a budget but would rather buy something that lasts and is more practical. Looks like it's more of a black out blind than anything
2) easy access to baby and looks like she will be able to look around more as the mesh looks more transparent, but will this make it less safe for the sun?

And won't the lo get a bit hot in there with it on?
Thanks in advance smile

fairimum Mon 04-Jul-11 14:59:08

I have jsut got a ray shade - was cheaper on ebay!

works really well on both our quinny zapp and vigour and you can pull it really far forward to when the seat is recline it can pretty much totally cover them! Has proved prefect for very very fair DS smile Also good as I know he would scream blue murder if totally covered up!

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