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Mac twin triumph

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mummyistheword Sun 03-Jul-11 15:06:47

Hi I have 3 yr old and a 1yr old, just about to turn one nxt wk anyways. I really like the look of this buggy, it's not expensive and I was thinking of the coffee brown with one of the maclaren buggy blankets for coziness for them to share but mainly for dd2..... But dd1 is just over weight limit but she looked comfy enough in it considering size, think mainly for dd2 and dd1 just hop in when wants to rest, is this a bit indulgent, they seem to get on much better when I have side by sides before, like partners in crime really! Current Phil and teds too big now and I'm sick of weight etc dd1 is a great walker but could do much longer days out if had spare seat again, the p and t doesn't work that well for her now as it's too squashed in back to get out very easily etc and no where then for my bags....are they any good? I will get a single as well for main use /keep in car etc eg a Mac xlr or maybe nipper single, I loved the double version last yr when dd's were both younger. Seems easy push in the shop and quite narrow, any door way issues?

pramsgalore4 Sun 03-Jul-11 17:43:15

i had a twin triumph a few years ago, was one of two side by side that would fit though my small front door, it was great to begin with just nipping to school and back, but once the kids got a little bit bigger( they were 6 months and 22 months when i bought it ) and i mean only a few months i found it more and more of a work out pushing it, sold it on after i went for a long walk ( about an hour long ) and felt like i had just done a hard work out coming home, it was just to heavy with kids in, i have found that the bigger the wheels the easier it is to push with the weight in it, and as yours are already 3 and 1 i really would not recommend it you will find it really heavy to push, i would go for something like a mountain buggy or baby jogger twin or similar

Guildfordnanny Sun 03-Jul-11 18:00:36

I agree, take a look at the Baby Jogger City Mini or Elite (not much bigger than the Mini) and a lot for your money and my two year old looks dwarfed in it!) Or the Mountain Buggy range like Prams Galore suggests, or maybe a Nipper 360 but check the width and whether your eldest minds the bucket seats.

Hevster Sun 03-Jul-11 19:34:24

i tried one for a day and it was really heavy, personally I would go for a nipper double if you want a side by side

mummyistheword Mon 04-Jul-11 13:35:00

Thanks will re consider, have had a double nipper, it was ace but began to feel excessive with my walking three yr old not really needing a seat all time! Hence switch to p and t but time for that to go too! I've realised side by sides are way better for me, the twin Mac seems nippy and not too big ifyswim, could live in car, my double nipper fitted in boot fine but was mainly a walking pushchair, circumstances changing though, ie nearly summer hols and no more long pre school walk so prob won't need a big double again, would get a duet but think too expensive for my circumstances and age of eldest child, am still humming and ahhhing! Could always buy, use for two or three months and keep box so I can eBay it after, if sell p and t could prob get a Mac xlr and or a single nipper as well...... Keep thinking dd1 doesn't need a seat now but occasions keep arising where it's handy! Eg she's just had pre sch booster and was wiped out for nxt 48 hrs, and has hay fever for which the medicibe can make her drowsy and the runny nose etc just tires her out I think, also major growing going on! I think this time nxt yr could more realistically say she would never need a seat for a little bit on longer days out, what do the rest of you do with similar age gaps?

Guildfordnanny Mon 04-Jul-11 14:24:42

I have a similar age gap - 11 month old and 2.8 year old. I can't see us being without a double for another year - I can't envisage trying to juggle a pushchair, toddler on reins and shopping basket and still having a hand free to choose what I want! DD walks perfectly on her own but again I don't have time for leisurely dawdling / tantrums because she doesn't want to go home! But it's a luxury if that makes sense ie it makes my life simpler! I am getting a Duet and like you I always keep the boxes. There is one first batch due in two weeks and then I believe there are no more until September. So resale should be good if it doesn't work. I have to say the +one really suits us better though and won't look daft with an empty seat. Its rare I lose much if anything (I have made a few profits because of price increases!) on pushchairs and hubby sees it as a rental business! So buy wisely and it hopefully won't cost you much to have a double pushchair for a bit longer for when you need it smile

Hevster Mon 04-Jul-11 22:12:14

mine 2 DD's are 3 years and 3 days apart and i have tried various but find Phil & Ted the best for the nursery run (3 miles round trip). If I take the car to town or something and have both girls I take the Maclaren techno and reluctantly the buggy board which I hate but it's still preferable to lugging P&T into the car. Just been on holiday and took 2 maclarens so that DD1 could ride in the evenings when she was tired and grumpy. Going to keep P&T though as the second seat comes in handy for the luggage on a day out!

pramsgalore4 Mon 04-Jul-11 22:40:10

with your age gap, have you thought about a joovy caboose, mothercare sell them, or you can import them direct from
i have owned mine for a few years now and it is one of my pushchairs i can not part with they are so handy, my 5 year old sits happily in the back he can stand or sit, can still talk to his sister and is facing me so we can chat as we walk along.

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