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Babyjogger car seat adaptors

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allthefires Sun 03-Jul-11 11:14:44

Guildfordnanny- hoping you are around!

I brought this carrycot a while ago before I knew about the new carrycot/mini model 2011

It attaches using the adaptors which you have to clasp around the babyjogger frame and tighten. I think you use the same to fit a maxi cosi. There is a metal rod which I think is redundant unless you use it for a differenet kind of car seat.

Anyway looking at lullabo baby (which you recommended in a different thread) it indicates that this
is suitable for a maxi cosi- similar to what I have already by fixes into mounting bracket and had the rod attached.

Now Im all confused! The adaptors I have are fine but will be a faff to clasp on each time I want to use it (highly likely we will be getting a zafira so boot not big enough to leave them on) is the second one I linked to likely to fit my pre 2011 BJCM?

Guildfordnanny Sun 03-Jul-11 17:53:33

Yes they will definitely fit. In fact the carrycot you have been sold isn't marketed as suitable for the City Mini. I haven't tried to fix one on but it sounds like you are happy that it is secure? But yes, the car seat adaptors fit my 2010 BJCM fine and like you say are simple to use. Simply pop into the holes under the hood and they are on. The new carrycots slot into these same holes on brackets Carrycot bracket You may want to consider selling / returning the carrycot you have and getting the new one. I believe the compact carrycots fit all BJCM singles if they have the mounting hole under the hood. But please check with a BJ retailer.

Guildfordnanny Sun 03-Jul-11 17:55:07

Btw just to add you don't need the rod for a Maxi Cosi seat. In the UK you simply get sent the two black adaptors with no rod.

allthefires Sun 03-Jul-11 18:30:10

hi Guildfordnanny, thats great news. Will look at ordering the adaptors- can I check you mean the I order the ones here
but will be sent ones like this from your site?

Just a little confused about the carrycot. They fit onto adaptors exactly like that....the bit that pokes out- Except the adaptor clasps on under the half way mark. Trying to persuede DP into the attic but hes online shopping for my birthday so mustnt complain too much. Will get ladder out myself in a bit and make a feeble attempt which he will overrule im sure. Will try and take some pics.

The carrycot on lullaboobaby says suitable for mini - may email them and ask what the adaptors are like that it comes with. Only paid £60 including postage and with new one coming out doubt I would make that back.

Guildfordnanny Sun 03-Jul-11 21:02:12

Ok, I ave been doing some research. You are absolutely right with the carrycot, and I was wrong. Its the mini double you cant use that carrycot on. Sorry for confusing you and I really hope you didn't clamber into the loft. So back to the adaptors - mine came from Lullaboo Baby and they didn't have the wire on like my photo. Like you said above, you only need the wire with certain car seats. But the Lullaboo ar seat adaptors do simply pop in and release using the button ie no clamp. So yes they are right. So sorry about my muddle - that's what comes of trying to reply whilst juggling the children.

Guildfordnanny Sun 03-Jul-11 21:47:52

Sits in the corner wearing a Dunces hat wine

allthefires Sun 03-Jul-11 21:58:14

Thank you so much. Dont worry about the confusion- Im just thrilled that I should be able to use the adaptors as a click in job and not the faff of a clamp.

Before I buy new ones will look at old ones as there may be an option to use it with mounting bar but I think that may be too hopeful.

It fits like this alternative view from kiddicare

Is it me though or does that BJCM look odd ie wheels?

allthefires Sun 03-Jul-11 22:11:57


Just seen on john lewis they do a recaro profi adaptor!

Have you seen the new footmuff. Torn between the new one, old one or a red star buggy snuggle!

Guildfordnanny Sun 03-Jul-11 22:40:38

Aha, I see it now. The carrycot adaptor fits much lower down on the chassis because the two grey buttons higher up are the release for the hood (top one) and the release for the other car seat adaptors (bottom button). The beauty of the new carrycot is that you don't have to remove the fabric and if you so wanted you could have a hood at both ends ie carrycot hood and pushchair hood which meet in the middle, and the choice of using the seat. Later on once your baby grows out of the carrycot, and you put the fabric back on for the seat unit, the new adaptors would mean you can continue to use the car seat (whereas I am not sure how you continue using the other adaptors once the fabric goes on?) I now understand the frame piece too. Again I think the new carrycot just uses a couple of brackets either side. I will have a look at the Recaro adaptors in a minute. Hopefully the Recaro City Select ones will be out soon smile Re the footmuff. I like the new BJ foot muffs - lovely and furry on the inside. I can comment on anything else other than they did look smart. I didn't like the old style ones. But that's personal choice! I love Buggysnuggles but only the furry fleece sort. They aren't as structured as the BJ ones which is nice. I bought a red star one though and it's a darkish red - more red on the way to burgundy - it's still red though - just not a primary red. But lovely and soft! I have Snunkies too which were fabulously warm through winter for the children.

allthefires Sun 03-Jul-11 22:54:17

You can use the adaptor I have with the fabric as it fits by the part that is a bit elastic. However it is easier to get on and off without fabric and I think it looks more like a proper pram. Am very hopeful the carrycot will fit on the new adaptors - It will just depend on whether its stable and safe. Will let you know when I have got them and tried it out.

Thats interesting about the buggysnuggle. Now off to look at snukies..........could be an expensive online shopping evening!

allthefires Sun 03-Jul-11 22:55:52

Meant to say thank you so much for the help you have given me today. Im so glad you saw the thread!

Guildfordnanny Sun 03-Jul-11 22:58:31

I think it looks like a proper pram too without the fabric. I would love to know what you discover. It's been an interesting chat. Thank you!

allthefires Tue 05-Jul-11 21:29:15

Bumping as just directed another poster here.

allthefires Sat 09-Jul-11 22:43:15

have ordered and will return with outcome of carrycot stability!

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