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new 4 wheel version baby jogger and large child

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pramsgalore4 Sat 02-Jul-11 22:06:29

Hi, i hope someone can help, i really like the new 4 wheel version baby jogger and would really like to get one, no i really need one grin, most of the time my dd4 would be in it, but when she wants to walk my ds will have to get into it as i can not control both (he has asd before i get shot down for pushing a 5 year old around ), so my question is will it take more than 15 kilos, i always go over weight limits anyway, but some are easy to push with a heavy load and some are not and as i would be buying from new i would be keen to know if anyone knows what the baby jogger is like to push ( the ones with the same size wheels as the new one will have) with about 18kilos in it. many thanks

Guildfordnanny Sat 02-Jul-11 23:50:56

From what I understand British Standards only require pushchairs to be tested to 15kgs. I believe manufacturers can pay to test for more but really they don't need to, to get their pushchair on the British market (very simple explanation). If you look at the UK Baby Jogger catalogue it gives a weight limit of 15kgs across the board for all their pushchairs. But if you go to and under the first menu, choose 'compare our strollers' you will see in the US the City Mini is certified up to 50lbs and the Elite and Summit up to 75lbs. I understand US safety testing in many ways is more stringent than ours, although we have tough rules on fireproofing fabrics etc. I also know most pushchair manufacturers make the same pushchair to meet rules in different countries. But equally I suspect some companies eg Baby Jogger aren't much different either in their manufacture? I recently had (for fun) a 10 and an 11 year old in a Baby Jogger Elite Double and it was relatively easy to push across gravel. So personally I would use common sense and fill in the gaps as you wish. But the Elite or Summit may be a better option?

pramsgalore4 Sun 03-Jul-11 00:07:45

i already have a mb urban for off road, but really like the baby joggers always been put off as have read they are easy to tip when pushing one handed, so when i heard the 4 wheel version was due out thought i would be able to get one, as i would be pushing it one handed with either child in it, have also noticed they do a buggy board which takes 45lb grin which is great as my board is straining under his weight (has already broke one as he jumped up and down on it and would not stop sad ) , i know he would be happy in the baby jogger because the hood will cover him, in the joovy he likes to hide behind the hood, do you know who will be stocking them. many thanks

Guildfordnanny Sun 03-Jul-11 01:43:31

One of the reasons I have a BJCM is that I saw the US stats before the UK ones and thought it would last me long term. The Glider Board is also due out this summer (but we have been waiting a long time for it so I will believe it when I see it!). I have ordered mine from Lullaboo Baby because for Baby Jogger stuff they are one of the best and have their ears to the ground. But I am sure most Baby Jogger stockists will have them which should include Boots and Tesco at some point?

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