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I've done a stupid thing to my mcclaren techno xlr

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shelfy74 Thu 30-Jun-11 15:39:57

When I got it I wanted to put all the bits on it (padded insert, head hugger, cosy toes) to see how it all fitted together. I was 8 months pregnant and stupid and thought the only way was to unthread all the straps from the plastic ends which clip into the central harness bit.

With hindsight I think I probably only needed to push straps through from the back. Unthreading them was really really hard, I had to use a knife to push the straps through the holes it was such a tight fit. Now of course I can't rethread them properly.

I have managed to get the ends back on the straps but obviously not right because when I tighten them they just slacken again at the slightest touch. Consequently my toddler can escape whenever he wants, even when we are mid crossing road.

Help! Does anyone know how to fix it? Or who would fix it? I got it online so can't take it back to shop.

TYBear Thu 30-Jun-11 20:51:35

Can you go instore somewhere and have a good nosey at how they are threaded and then re-do yours to match?

Clarabumps Sat 16-Jul-11 10:43:45

I'd maybe have to get a new harness- they are unthreaded through the back of the seat unit. Feed them through the bit where they attach to the seat and there are wee slats at the back where the end toggle thing slots through. Hope you can make sense of this. phone maclaren and see if you can buy another one?

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