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easy life 3 wheeler

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buggyjo Sun 19-Jun-11 22:54:20

ive won it on ebay,and just wanted to know if any one else has had/has one?

MonkeysPunk Mon 20-Jun-11 06:57:11

I had one, we loved it. A fab off road buggy, top quality and manouvers really well.
The fold is a little tricky but you'll get used to that. It's pretty compact once folded.
I looked into getting a new one, but it was costly to import.

tutu100 Mon 20-Jun-11 09:46:18

I've had 2, they are fab. Great for taller children (my eldest 6 would still fit in it if I let him). I think they are as good as Mountain Buggies, but as they aren't well known they usually go for really good prices (if you are buying that is!).

Do you need any spare parts? If so the only place I have found that does them is in New Zealand, but as the exchange rate is quite favourable as long as they are lightish things e.g. raincover then they don't cost much even to import.

Also they are the most sturdy buggy I have ever come across. There was a mumsnetter on here who was obsessed by them I think she'd done quite a few up.

buggyjo Mon 20-Jun-11 23:07:27

thank you all for your replys,im really looking foward to collecting it now.

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