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O Baby Zezu or Hauck Condor?

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PerditaAlderton Thu 16-Jun-11 11:48:30

My PIL's are kindly offering to buy us a pram for our first child who is due in September (so I do have a bit of time before I have to decide) but as I'm one of those obsessive organised types I have spent hours online and finally come up with two options; The first is the O Baby Zezu Dotty Black, the second is the Hauck Condor, please help me decide.

aswellasyou Thu 16-Jun-11 12:36:51

For me it would be the OBaby no questions. Have you seen it here for £230? I think that's pretty cheap for this pushchair. I don't like Haucks in real life but I see a lot of them so other people must do.

allthefires Thu 16-Jun-11 12:40:28

I have finally had chance to have a play with the Zezu and I dont like it at all.

The car seat doesnt fit on shopping trolley as it is too wide because of the part you fit onto the pram chassis.

It a pain having to fold it in two parts. Ie when wet you end up having to put the seat unit somewhere as you put chassis in first/

allthefires Thu 16-Jun-11 12:43:09

And it is really big and quite heavy.

Better options IMO - but depends on what your requirements are.

PerditaAlderton Thu 16-Jun-11 13:07:42


Yes, thats the link I sent to PIL's, I haven't seen either one in RL though, a lot of friends seem to be in love with the Quinny Buzz but I've heard not great things about them, and I would like something different TBH


I came up with these two options as they are both on a deal, they are both travel systems (I'd like to buy everything together).

I will probably hopefully be doing a lot of walking (to help baby sleep and to get some exercise as I have developed the most horrendous chocolate habit whilst pregnant) I won't be doing a lot of driving as we only have 1 car at the moment which DP will be using for work, and when we go out I rarely drive unless I'm des, so in that respect I shouldn't be folding/ unfolding the pram too often and shopping will be done as a joint venture although I do have some local shops and a mini Tesco where I can get a lot of things so wouldn't necessarily need to use a trolley.

I also have a sling (across the body type thing) that I could use if necessary and would look to get a lightweight stroller type of affair for holidays and days out when she's older - am I overthinking this? Should I just get the damn thing and be done with it?

allthefires Thu 16-Jun-11 13:21:54

You can never overthink a pushchair as far as Im concerned.

My friend got a better price than that. Will look into it for you.

I would look at getting the maxi cosi car seat and adapters instead of the Zezu seat if you do go for this pushchair.

Also as long as you are resigned to buying a lighter one too as it is big.

allthefires Thu 16-Jun-11 13:26:17

Ignore me- turns out the obaby maxi cosi adapters dont work on the Zezu

tigermummy35 Mon 20-Jun-11 15:33:56

The obaby is very heavy and not easy to push. Two friends have them and one (whose DS is 10 months) is selling hers and bought a Maclaren XT. IMHO, pushchairs should fold easily and be reasonably compact. Have a play with them and try pushing them around and folding them. That's the best test.

THe Hauck's I saw in Kiddicare looked good, although I don't know which models!

nunnie Mon 20-Jun-11 15:39:04

I have the Zezu and find it perfect for me, easy to fold and I think it is quite light, however I don't have the carseat, I just used the easy to alter carrycot mode.

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