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Do you have the Britax B-Dual

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prolificwillybreeder Wed 15-Jun-11 19:59:00

Have also posted in Chat due my extreme frustration!

We have the hard carrycot and the second seat. If you do too can you help me please?
Unlike in the pictures on the Britax website we can't extend the hood fully as it hits the carrycot. Are we doing it wrong?
Otherwise the website is extremely misleading.
The second seat isn't very deep, is that normal too?

Many thanks in advance.

<disclaimer: PWB is heavily pregnant and getting stressed out with the new pushchair>

The big rain cover does it cover the carrycot and second seat, ours appears not to! Argh!

Guildfordnanny Wed 15-Jun-11 21:35:37

Are you using the adaptors to push the carrycot forwards - black chunky long rectangular blocks?? They give you a few more inches. You can see them clearly on the Britax photos. The second seat isn't deep but my daughter lies back like being on a sun lounger with her legs out and she loves it. The upper seat isn't great because of the lack of a footrest (I put the calf rest horizontal which helps). TBH I think the lower soft cot works better than the hard carrycot on top. But the B-Dual is a fab all round pushchair - one of the best tandems.

prolificwillybreeder Thu 16-Jun-11 08:53:48

I think we do the adaptors, I guess it wouldn't go on otherwise?
Sorry not very technically minded.
Glad you think it's a good pushchair though smile

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