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What buggy to buy. . . Baby style oyster or other suggestions????

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luchap Mon 13-Jun-11 14:00:25

Hi, I'm going mad with looking at buggies and reading reviews. I need a buggy for my tall 19 month old, I need it lightweight to go on plane travel, wanted the big back wheels for beach walking, easy to push and entire systems folds down compactly. I have looked at the baby style oyster read many great reviews but then a couple of bad reviews which put me off, any help or suggestions as to what I should get would be appreciated.

pramsgalore4 Mon 13-Jun-11 14:33:40

have heard the front wheels buckle on the oyster when going down kerbs!!! that put me off.

Guildfordnanny Mon 13-Jun-11 14:33:41

A baby Jogger City Elite? Or someone here said a Microlite performed well on sand. Or if you have the money, the Recaro Babyzen is great!

pramsgalore4 Mon 13-Jun-11 14:39:11

yeah agree the micralite are good, i own one (fast fold)and my 5 year old sits in it, they dont recline though, but do fold smallish even smaller with back wheels off and really easy and quick to fold( can not beleive i forgot that one its sat in the garage oh i own far too many prams lol) and you can get a flightbag for them

luchap Mon 13-Jun-11 15:27:08

The micralite which one, I spent ages looking at the Superlite and was put off by two reviews I found that said it wouldn't fit a child over the size of 18 months in, they found it rub them and would always topple as the child would try and get out the pram and became to heavy at the front? Is this the case?

pramsgalore4 Mon 13-Jun-11 15:53:56

no, i have a fastfold the older one and i have pushed my 5 year old in it successfully and it was really easy to push. maybe the superlite is differant i only found it was back heavy when i hung shopping on it or had the buggy board on it, you can pick them up cheaply on ebay mine was second hand and cost me £20 but they tend to go for around £50 i was just lucky

suzie38 Mon 13-Jun-11 16:03:21

I bought an Oyster yesterday...It pushed fine for me but DH said it didn't like going down kerbs much...It's a lot bigger folded than i thought it would be...Definetely best folded in 2 parts.

luchap Mon 13-Jun-11 16:42:55

Is this the fast fold? I tried googling it and keep getting fast fold Superlite which is the one I looked at earlier.

Babyzen looks pretty good, but very expensive for such a basic concept

pramsgalore4 Mon 13-Jun-11 16:53:41

yes but this is a newer version, mine has not got the cord going from the foot rest accross the basket ( when you fold mine you have to push the foot rest in with your foot looks like this cord does that job for you) mine is like this one 160602916950 on ebay

pramsgalore4 Mon 13-Jun-11 16:56:33

on mine the basket also ends well before the foot rest,

luchap Mon 13-Jun-11 17:14:09

It doesn't look like you can buy a new one of those anywhere, such a shame as the new micralite Superlite they have brought out succeeding your one doesn't seem to receive such positive reviews!

pramsgalore4 Mon 13-Jun-11 17:50:09

buy a second hand one i know not the same as a nice shinny new one, but they are good and there is some on ebay with postage and then buy a nice shinny new bugaboo bee plus as well ( would not want to take that on a plane though think it would get broken) but they do look lovely

aswellasyou Mon 13-Jun-11 19:43:49

My sister's got an Oyster. I wouldn't suggest it for what you want. It's small and light for a 'proper' pushchair but not small or all that light.

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