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Uppababy vista - too big heavy or ok?

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Sallyssss Sun 12-Jun-11 22:12:31

I am considering the uppababy or the bugaboo bee plus. I live outside London, and sometimes go in, but mainly drive locally so my pushchair needs to be suitable for both public transport and getting in and ouut of the car. One of the things I dislike about the bee is the newborn seat, as my baby will be little during the winter months so I prefer the uppababy for the carrycot. But is the uppababy really heavy and big to lift?

suzie38 Sun 12-Jun-11 22:16:55

I wouldn't want to take a Vista on public transport as it's a big beast...The Bee Plus is far better for that purpose...The Vista is not too heavy if you take the seat off before you fold it...But in my opinion the suspension is seriously lacking on the Vista but it's great on the Bee.

RollingInTheAisles Sun 12-Jun-11 22:17:02

I had one as we were living in the US when DD was born. It's a bit heavy and can't be folded with the bassinet attached (obviously). Also it is quite wide and hard to hpget around shops.

Having said that, it's fab quality, looks good and is very versatile.

sparklyrainbow Sun 12-Jun-11 22:29:21

We love our Vista, the reason we got it was how small the wheels fold up (the chassis fits in the boot of a Fiat Panda, I used to put the carrycot on the back seat next to baby though I'm now using a bigger car). I don't find it heavy at all, we do take seat off though- in fact it was lighter than others we'd been looking at and not any wider than a lot of others around. Have been on buses with it no probs. Do find it quite tight in some shops, but don't think it's any wider than my friend's Quinny (we struggle with the same doorways!)

Carrycot was very useful, my DS is a winter baby too- we got a yellow one, very good for visibility on dark winter days smile Something else we liked (we'd also looked at M&P Sola) was raincover etc is included. And it's different, never seen anyone with the same pram!

Ooh, and also we use it off road sometimes for dog walking. It copes quite well, big wheels.

RollingInTheAisles Sun 12-Jun-11 22:31:47

Yes actually that's a good point, a lot more is included so it's a much better deal.

Sallyssss Mon 13-Jun-11 11:48:31

Thank you all so much, I really appreciate you spending the time to reply.

decisions,'s so tricky!!

featherblue Tue 14-Jun-11 11:58:08

Sallyssss, we went through this same worry with the Vista. Thread here.

We now have our Vista and are waiting for the baby to arrive any day now, so I'll come back to update once we start using public transport. But we love it so far. The carrycot seems so much nicer than any others that I've looked at, and the baby sits up much higher so you're not always bending over so far. It's not heavy, and I find the folding mechanism easy to use. Very happy so far!

I think if you spend the majority of you time in the car rather than on public transportation, you may happier with the Vista, as the baby will have a carrycot and a bigger seat as he/she grows. But the Vista is definitely wider (about the same as a Bugaboo Cameleon), so you may have an issue in some shops.

MonkeysPunk Thu 16-Jun-11 20:28:11

How big is the seat for an older child please? Also what is the weight limit?
I didn't think the bugaboo cameleon was too wide, at least not compared to our bj summit xc.
I didn't find the cameleon sturdy enough, and am wondering if the Vista is tougher!

suzie38 Thu 16-Jun-11 20:34:36

The Vista is 62cm wide so about an inch wider than the Cameleon...Yes it's very sturdy but has next to no suspension...Seat size isn't much different to a Cameleon but then i have a tiny DD so size is never a concern...Sure the weight limit will be on the Uppababy website...Best looking at the US version as UK will just say 15kg i'm sure.

featherblue Fri 17-Jun-11 12:41:07

From the websites:
Bassinet: Suitable from birth to 6 months
Toddler Seat: Suitable from 3 months to 50 lbs.

Cameleon and Bug:
maximum weight capacity
37.5 lbs
17 kg

So slightly more with the Vista, but I imagine a lot of people are in umbrella-fold by that point anyway. It was really just seeing them all side by side that made the decision for us. The Vista just looked more solid and sat up higher (as well as being cheaper and coming with all its accessories!). Can you go have a look at them together?

vallinnapod Wed 22-Jun-11 13:14:03

I live in London and plan on using public transport a lot. Got a Vista...

...toyed with a Bee but they guy in the shop said you are going to piss everyone on the bus off anyway so why not get the pram you want? (Not a hard sell tactic as the Bee was pricier!)

...bub will be a Sept baby so still has two more months cooking time but I wanted a carrycot for the beginning hence being swayed by the Vista.

I could live to regret the choice!

MonkeysPunk Tue 05-Jul-11 12:50:07

vallinnapod You made a great choice!

I have had my Uppababy Vista a week now - and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!
It's sooo light to push - very manoeuvrable. I am walking 4 miles a day pushing a 3y old - and sometimes I LOAD the basket with groceries - and guess what - it's still just as easy to push!
The buggy has great suspension - not quite as bouncy as the bee - but still very very good - shock absorbing and comfortable on your arms as you push.
The seat is really big - and cradles your child ergonomically - whether ff or rear facing. The child has a footrest (calf rest bit of seat unit) whichever way they're facing - which they don't have a foot rest with the Bee+ in rear facing.
The shopping basket is easily accessible with the Vista whichever way you have your seat unit - you can only really easily access it easily on the Bee+ if child is upright and parent facing.
Child sits higher up in Vista - so out of reach of dogs/ carrier bags/ and has a better view and is more easily able to communicate with you.
Vista feels more solid and less delicate than Bee+
Vista free stands when folded - Bee+ doesn't
Vista comes with carrycot included in price (excellent value!) and hood included in price. (bee+ is often sold seperate to hood part - so you get to choose the hood colour).
Vista has rumble seat (to buy seperately) for additional child later on - or a buggy board.
Bee+ only has a buggy board.
The Vista is probably wider at the rear wheels than the Bee+ - but overall I think this is a minor inconvenience - there are a lot of plus points with the vista.
Oh - did I say how easypeasy it is to turn the seat unit around on the vista?
Also the recline on the vista is easier to use too.
I prefer the bucket seat on the vista to the bee+ seat also.

vallinnapod Tue 05-Jul-11 19:29:35

Ha ha! Big fan then?! grin looking forward to picking mine up (from the shop, not literally.. but still 9 ish weeks until I get to use it smile

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