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Britax Vigour 4+ pushchairs where to find it in London?

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riga Sun 12-Jun-11 14:15:33

Hi there,

I read the reviews of Britax Vigour 4+ at looks good

but can not find a shop where to see and test how it works.

I went to Britax website and found some shops but could not find a shop that has this particular model. Phoned Boots but they told me to go to their flagship store in Kent.

Does anyone knows of any shop in London where to look at this model?


suzie38 Sun 12-Jun-11 14:22:48

They are an old model so you can only buy secondhand via places like eBay...I've seen an occasional brand new one pop up on eBay and the odd shop may have one left but you may struggle to find one...I personally have 3 at the moment and i think they're brilliant, way better than the updated model, the B Smart...My DD hated sitting in the seat as it's quite reclined when fully upright, but having said that, if your baby has it from birth or a few months old, it won't know any difference whereas my 18 month old did.

riga Sun 12-Jun-11 23:12:21

Thanks suzie38, i imagined it was an old model when could not find it in Britax website. But find strange they stop selling a product when it has very good reviews (is a Which? Best Buy) and as you say is better than the new models.
Well business people!

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