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omg my new joovy ergo has just arrived

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pramsgalore4 Thu 09-Jun-11 13:22:18

ok so i love prams, i already have a joovy caboose in sage which i have owned for a few years (imported from the us before mothercare sold them) i have used it on and off over the years and have grown to love it, i now use it everyday for my 5 year old and his sis 2.5 years, i have just received my joovy ergo which is the newer version, comparing it to the caboose it is a tad longer, the handle bar is at more of an angle where as the caboose is more upright, the hood is huge and high plenty of head room, the caboose has a large hood but this is huge and it has sides on the hood at the back with mesh windows so great for sunny days, the basket is huge and much easier to get into as the rear seat ( which is more of a seat now still without a back but is further away from front seat ) now lifts up, although because there is more room between the front seat and the back the gap is larger to gain access to the basket without lifting up the back seat, i think it will be more like pushing a tandem than a stroller and a half but will let you know when i have done the school run, but looks fab!!!! the back wheels are also air filled and it has single front wheels, the recline on the front seat is better as well and does not look like it would get in the way of the child sitting in the back, joovy export these for you, just go to their website and you can pay by paypal.

Guildfordnanny Thu 09-Jun-11 14:49:07

I am very envious. I would love to try one. Have you ad to pay import tax and if so how much. The shipping looked a huge amount when I tried yesterday ($150+!)

pramsgalore4 Thu 09-Jun-11 14:57:43

i was lucky and bought it in this country, someone else imported it and then decided they did not need it, i will import the seat pads, raincover etc but will have to wait till next month. i can not remember how much duty i paid on the caboose but dont think it was alot, when you compare how much a decent double is in this country its not that bad it is about £337 in total then the import duties

pramsgalore4 Thu 09-Jun-11 15:38:33

ok, have now used it and you can tell it is longer and because the hood is higher it does seem alot bigger although it is only 11 inches longer, the basket is so much bigger and much easier to get to, managed to fit 2 large rucksacks, 1 lunch bag and 2 book bags in it without needing to lift the seat, ds wants the sides removed as he could not see my face which i can do as they are only zipped on and the sun is not out today, it glides along lovely and seems a little lighter to push than the caboose, can not decide which one a prefer at the moment but do love it

Guildfordnanny Thu 09-Jun-11 21:19:01

Thanks! That's really interesting! I am watching some Cabooses on EBay.

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