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Do you still like your Graco Fusio?

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Tabitha8 Wed 08-Jun-11 18:57:08

Just wondering what people think of the Fusio. It looks quite neat and fairly compact for a rear-facer.
I'm not sure how much it weighs. Graco's website says 6.5kg but I'm guessing that is for the chassis only. Which? website says 11kg. Surely not quite that heavy?

Also, what is it like up and down stairs in rear-facing mode?
Thanks for any comments!

DingleDangleDiva Thu 09-Jun-11 09:55:03 review - Score 67%

The Graco Fusio claims to be a compact travel system, suitable from birth; our full test results below reveal what parents and our lab experts thought about this pram.

While the Graco Fusio travel system is well padded and has an easy-to-use recline system, our parent panel didn't like the plastic handles, which made their hands sweaty.

It's also quite heavy, and scores are average for manoeuvring as it doesn't corner as well as others we've tested, although it's reasonably effortless to push in a straight line.

Reversible seat
One of the best features is the reversible seat, which is easy to change once you know how. The seat is slightly flexible - you attach one side and then stretch the seat over to attach the other side.

The seat, including the bumper bar, can also be kept on when folding, which is a bonus. When it's folded, the pram fits into the boot of a medium-sized car.

Folding takes practice
Like many pushchairs, folding this one takes practice - some will find it tricky at first, but it gets easier once you have the knack, although some of our parents thought there were too many steps.

Another useful feature on this pushchair is the seat recline. As you lower the seat back, the footrest flattens out at the same time to continually support your child's legs.

Excellent from birth
The seat reclines to a flat position of over 150 degrees, so it's suitable for newborn babies. You can convert it into a pramette by attaching the newborn liner and apron (included), and it's also compatible with the Graco Go carrycot, which can be bought separately.

We like the hood, which is easily adjustable, but access to the shopping basket can be obstructed.

The switch to lock the front wheels is on the body of the pushchair rather than on the wheels, so you don't have to lean down far to activate it, as you do with most other pushchairs.

Travel system
The Fusio comes with a rain cover, newborn liner, foot muff and apron.

To turn it into a travel system you'll need to buy the compatible Graco Logico car seat (and adaptors) for around £100.

Flip-flop-friendly brakes
The brakes can be used even if you like wearing flip-flop, as you don't need to push them up with your toes; both pedals lock and unlock the brakes by pressing down on them.

Pros: Easily reversible seat, handy recline mechanism, wheel lock switch on body of pushchair

Cons: Was a little tricky to fold at first, shopping basket obstructed from behind

Tabitha8 Thu 09-Jun-11 19:22:24

Thanks for your post! It's a bit worrying that no one has replied to say that they do like it. Hey ho.

suzie38 Thu 09-Jun-11 20:29:35

I was going to buy one but i had an uninterupted play last Friday in Toys r'us...It felt incredibly heavy to push with no child sitting in the seat, which surprised me as normally Gracos push themselves...I don't think people replied because it's such a new buggy...The people that have commented on here, but a while back, posted reviews everywhere so i think they were testing for Graco so may not have been 100% truthful...It's a great looking buggy but in my mind, not great to use from my brief play.

Tabitha8 Fri 10-Jun-11 16:11:19

Yes, I see what you mean. Someone has made a similar comment on the Fusio under the "Reviews" section on MN.
If Toys R Us did a price promise, I'd buy one and give it a good test at home before deciding if I liked it.

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