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Best alternative to iCandy for twins

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zaarin2003 Wed 08-Jun-11 15:49:45


I'm a new father of twins (3 weeks old) and we purchased a pushchair which has them lying side by side, facing away from the pusher. However, in hind sight one of those double decker ones like the iCandy Peach blossom would be much better as they're naturally half as wide. We didn't go for an iCandy however as we failed to win the lottery yet again and my plans to raid Fort Knox fell through.

I was wondering if any other fathers/mothers of twins have any experience juggling two little people and which pushchair they chose, as I'm looking for another quality double decker in the same mould as the iCandy, but without needing to appeal to Bill Gates.



FriggFRIGG Wed 08-Jun-11 16:10:50

how about a britax B dual

or a hauck tandem

HTH smile

zaarin2003 Wed 08-Jun-11 19:10:31

Thanks - I forgot to mention, I'd like it to fit the Maxi Cosi Cabriofix car seat too if possible! Thanks a lot

Guildfordnanny Wed 08-Jun-11 20:07:17

Not the Hauck because the lower seat really isn't suitable for an under six month old. First of all have a look at Best Buggy and have a look through the tandems and try out the compare pushchairs tool. I would put the Britax B-Dual at the top of your list. It is a thoroughly practical pushchair, suitable for twins. It pushes well and has good storage space. Probably the best all round tandem. It's a bit wider than most and the fold is quite large but it is very good. I learnt this week that you can put maxi cosi car seats on using Oyster adaptors. Not recommended by Britax but it works! There are some good deals to be had on the Baby Jogger City Select at present as retailers are selling off 2010 stock. The differences between 2010/2011 aren't worth worrying about but you can see the differences between old and new seats on Best Buggy. Again it is a brilliant tandem. The other option is the Mountain Buggy Duet that arrives in the UK hopefully at the end of next month. It is a sde by side but it is slimmer than the City Select with two full sized seats. If you have the money and can wait, then this is the pushchair that would be well worth a look at. It will truly last you from birth until 4/5 unlike the others. The City Select and Duet both take Maxi Cosi seats. There is also the O'Baby Zoom but it has a reputation for being long. I am getting a Kolcraft Contours this week to try out which I believe takes a Maxi Cosi seat too (but it could be hard to get a second car seat adaptor?). Do come back and ask any more questions.

saoirse86 Wed 08-Jun-11 20:49:31

You can buy both the Contours pushchair and a second adapter here. It comes with one and I think you just sit the car seat in the frame. Wait until Guildford's tried it out though.
I think Nursey Superstore has the cheapest Select package at about £400.

Guildfordnanny Wed 08-Jun-11 20:57:45

My Contours is due to arrive tomorrow smile I think hubby will be surprised hmm. He says it's ok but then forgets!

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