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DingleDangleDiva Wed 08-Jun-11 08:15:24

About to cancel my trial tonight and thought someone might find this useful. If you need anymore info just ask and I'll let you know before tonight smile

75% - Britax Visio - RRP £215.00
75% - Petite Star Kurvi 3 - RRP £300.00

Off Roader travel Sytem -
82% - Mamas and Papas Sola - RRP £260.00
79% - Jane Rider - RRP £500.00
77% - Icandy Peach - RRP £550.00
75% - Brio Go - RRP £470.00

Off ROader -
78% - Mountain Buggy Swift - RRP £409.00
78% - Britax Vigour 3+ - RRP £279.00
77% - Quinny Speedi SX - RRP £240.00

suzie38 Wed 08-Jun-11 08:54:45

I was going to buy a Swift but now found something else i'd like...I've got a Brio Go which i'm going to sell...Would it be possible to let me have the full review for it please???

DingleDangleDiva Wed 08-Jun-11 09:42:36

Hi Suzie of course, was it the Swift or Brio review you were after?

<<brain not woke up emoticon> grin

suzie38 Wed 08-Jun-11 09:48:11

The Brio Go please...I could look at the Swift as well, though have almost certainly discounted buying it now...Thanking you in advance.

DingleDangleDiva Wed 08-Jun-11 10:29:21

No problemo, that's why I put this up before I got rid grin

The Brio Go off-roader pushchair forms part of the Brio travel system, and comes with a range of accessories including a hood with mesh window, rain cover, apron and reflective panels. We put the Brio Go off-roader pushchair through its paces to see how well it performs on a range of surfaces.

The Best Buy Brio Go travel system offers a comfortable ride for your child, a smooth ride on all surfaces and a comfortable handle for you, as well as good brakes. Be aware it is a large and heavy option, and folding could be easier.

Suitable from 6 months this pushchair has a maximum recline of 130 degrees which is a little short of the 150 degrees or more that is best for sleeping newborns. Suitable up to 15kg, the generous seat means that seat depth and back rest will both just be getting snug for an average 3 year old.

Comfortable ride for your child
All our experts would recommend this pushchair which offers a comfortable ride for your child. It is easy enough to get your child into the forward facing seat but the restraint system does tangle easily. The continuous recline, adjusted using a strap, needs two hands and is a bit stiff.

This pushchair gives a nice smooth ride on pavements and takes bumpy and off road surfaces in its stride kerbs too. It is heavy and large going upstairs and a bit bouncy down stairs, and the storage basket can catch.

Adjustable handlebar
The handlebar is adjustable between 530 and 1100mm and our users thought it was 'comfortable and large with a variety of places to hold'. Brakes are good and users found them easy to engage.

Both are a carry cot and car seat (Go Baby Carrier) are optional extras, car seat adapters are provided. It is very easy to attach and detach the car seat.

Bit tricky to fold
This bulky pushchair folds concertina style and will fit in an average size boot only with a rear wheel removed. It could be easier to fold and unfold you have to fold the handle back to fold compactly and it needs to be manually locked shut once folded.

Not the ideal pushchair for public transport because it is large and heavy. And it is heavy to support going up escalators although down was no problem.

Mostly stain resistant
The 5kg storage basket can be accessed both when the seat is fully upright or reclined.

The covers are not removable, but this pushchair was fairly easy to clean and mostly stain resistant too.

This pushchair is supplied with the following accessories: hood with mesh window, rain cover, apron and reflective panels.

Pros: Generous seat, comfortable ride for your child, smooth ride on all surfaces, comfortable handle, good brakes

Cons: Restraint system tangles easily, large and heavy, folding could be easier

DingleDangleDiva Wed 08-Jun-11 10:31:03

The Mountain Buggy Swift off-roader buggy is a three-wheel pushchair that comes equipped with a 5kg storage basket, an additional storage pocket and a rain cover, bottle holder and hood. We tested the Mountain Buggy Swift off-roader pushchair to see how well it performed for safety and ease-of-use.

The Best Buy Mountain Buggy Swift pushchair went down a storm with our testers, who'd all consider buying it. It's a dream to push and manoeuvre and handles rough terrain with ease.

The Swift provides a great ride quality; the suspension and pneumatic tyres give a smooth ride on all surfaces. It is also highly manoeuvrable and very comfortable to push, although some people may dislike the texture of the hard rubber grip on the height adjustable handlebar (78-108cm).

Seat stains easily
It has a couple of minor drawbacks: the fabric shows up food stains quite badly, and its backrest recline, which is controlled by straps, is time-consuming to operate as each side must be adjusted separately - parents thought it 'fiddly' and named it as a feature they disliked. However, it does allow you to put the seat in a variety of positions.

You need to fold the pushchair to get it down a bus gangway, but it's very easy to fold and unfold, and it's easy to move the pushchair when it's folded. It collapses down to 38x103x62cm (234 litres) which is bulky, but it has a strap to keep it folded and will stand upright unaided for storage.

Great on stairs
We found it effortless to use on an escalator.

It weighs 10kg, which is average for a pushchair and light for this type of design, but, even so, it's difficult for one person to carry it downstairs by themselves. Luckily, this is one of the few pushchairs we've ever tested to get full marks for being easy to pull up or push down a short flight of steps.

Another unusual feature is that it is recommended for children from birth to four years or 35kg, although we think that you may need to add extra padding for younger children.

Generous storage basket
The storage basket on the Swift is generous and will hold 5kg of shopping. It also has an additional storage pocket and comes with a rain cover, a bottle holder and a hood.

Pros: Excellent ride quality, wide range of handle heights, excellent brakes

Cons: Recline method is unsophisticated, hard rubber grip

Guildfordnanny Wed 08-Jun-11 10:51:40

Interesting review fir the Swift. The recline sounds a Grrr but am surprised by the handlebar. I thought it was like a soft ridged handlebar? I found ut quite nice compared to the hard rubber of the Baby Joggers. Are there ant doubles or tandems there please?

suzie38 Wed 08-Jun-11 10:52:28

Thanks for that...I agree the Brio Go is very large and heavy but an absolute dream to push...DD always looks so cosy and comfortable sitting in it...If i had the room i'd be keeping it in a shot but my desire to try new pushchairs out means i need to sell it.

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