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So do I want a Bugaboo Donkey??

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skandi1 Wed 08-Jun-11 07:02:31

Hoping to canvass some opinions from the pushchair/stroller savvy here on MN.

I currently have a Stokke Xplory for DD who is 22 months. DC2 is arriving in the next few weeks. DD seems to still enjoy getting in the Stokke when we are out and about so have resigned myself to needing a double pushchair for the two of them.

I looked most of the double strollers available outhere. DD is very tall for age so she is too long to fit into an icandy or similar.

I didn't like Phil & Teds as I hit my shins off the bottom seat when walking and DD screamed blue murder when we tried her in the bottom seat so not for us.

Most of the others like Moutain Buggy and Nipper didn't have the manouvrability I get from the Stokke.

Enter Bugaboo Donkey. DD fitted into seat with room to spare lengthways and the carrycot is nice and large for DC2 (I am expecting another large baby). It seemed to manoeuvre well and was not heavy or too wide.

Do any of you own a Donkey or have any experiences with one to share with me to help me decided or perhaps any other suggestions?


suzie38 Wed 08-Jun-11 07:28:16

Well i love my Donkey but only bought one for mono use mode so can't tell you what it's like as a duo...It is large and bulky folded...We have a Meriva and i find it fits in best with the handle facing the boot door...All my other pushchairs lay sideways in the boot...It's certainly lovely to push but then i've only got one 11kg DD in it...I love the basket but obviously you won't be able to use that initially though in time you would...If you have any specific questions ask away.

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