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can anyone identify this pram please??

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LunaWilliams Tue 07-Jun-11 08:48:29

Does anyone know what make this is please?

Thanks !

smable Tue 07-Jun-11 09:25:36

I'm pretty sure it's a peg perego sold in the uk as mama and papas ultima although the chassis in that pic is not sold over here anymore This is very similar no red covers tho

aswellasyou Tue 07-Jun-11 09:37:43

Emmeljunga do a very similar shaped chassis but I can't find a plain red.

aswellasyou Tue 07-Jun-11 09:38:15

Emmaljunga, sorry.

aswellasyou Tue 07-Jun-11 09:44:37

The candy pink looks more red to me.

Guildfordnanny Tue 07-Jun-11 10:03:23

I could have sworn the pushchair says Bumbleride on the side and a search has thrown this Queen Bee pushchair up I am on my ipad so can't view both side by side or check sie by side on EBay but maybe someone would do it for me?

suzie38 Tue 07-Jun-11 10:08:03

Same tread on wheels as the Bumbleride.

Guildfordnanny Tue 07-Jun-11 10:10:11 Click to change to the Ruby colour. I can't see an older one for sale on EBay but the hood fabric is different inside and the current version doesn't have the writing where the one in the photo does.

aswellasyou Tue 07-Jun-11 10:50:03

Bravo Guildford! Maybe it just says Bumbleride on the left side (as you're pushing it). Their website only shows the right side.

Guildfordnanny Tue 07-Jun-11 11:14:11

I bet its just an older version. What do I win?? ;)

aswellasyou Tue 07-Jun-11 11:38:46

This! grin

aswellasyou Tue 07-Jun-11 12:19:32

Here's the older version. You can get a toddler seat for it too. You might struggle to find it in the UK.

Honeydragon Tue 07-Jun-11 14:31:31

Guildford it is a Bumbleride and I know a company that imports them through ebay

ta daah!

Honeydragon Tue 07-Jun-11 14:32:45

Oh and they are often willing to negotiate wink

LunaWilliams Tue 07-Jun-11 15:29:12

wow thanks! who is the company that imports them on ebay? Would like to know more. Too bad they are not on sale directly in the UK. I have already put a deposit down for an UppaBaby Vista so I probably shouldn't get too excited about this, i just really liked the look of it.

Many thanks

Guildfordnanny Tue 07-Jun-11 16:13:45

Thanks aswellas grin I am glad to see the seller doesn't have a Bumbleride twin coz that would have been hard to resist!

Honeydragon Tue 07-Jun-11 17:58:30

this is them direct

Honeydragon Tue 07-Jun-11 18:00:26

But Guildford its sooooooo nice

bet I can find someone who ships them here wink

Honeydragon Tue 07-Jun-11 18:02:07

oh and they use sexy man in the demo


Guildfordnanny Tue 07-Jun-11 18:31:29

The one I want isn't in stock. What a shame ;)

sungirltan Tue 07-Jun-11 19:01:33

oooh they are sooo nice - i fancy the indie one in green (goes off on mission to get one)

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