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Bugaboo Bee plus raincover... alternatives?

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fruitybread Sat 04-Jun-11 13:30:40

I've had my Bee plus for nearly a year now - really like it APART from the useless raincover.

I've had the bee facing me, and after a lot of fiddling around, assumed it just didn't fit backwards facing - but I've just seen a picture on the net of how it's supposed to work....

And apparently I have to unthread the sun canopy, and then re-thread the spines through the (flimsy) raincover - like so

So it's not a 'throw on' raincover - you actually have to remove the pram hood to use it. Which is ridiculous. And takes ages. How do you cope with showers?? What if you go out and it's raining, and then the sun comes out?? Baby just gets no shelter and sits there baking in a plastic tent? I'm just stunned at what a stupid piece of design it is. I've been using it as a 'throw on', but it's really not working...

Anyway. Have any Bee plus users found a good alternative raincover? Thoughts gratefully received.

Guildfordnanny Sat 04-Jun-11 13:56:16

I have no Bee eerience but most Bugaboo kit is an extra, so does that mean you have to buy the sun canopy with the raincover or do you get the two together?

Guildfordnanny Sat 04-Jun-11 13:57:26

Experience that should have been lol!

Rosa Sat 04-Jun-11 14:05:13

How very strange ... WIth my bee ( not a plus) it was without a doubt a throw over and you looped the cover on on various hooks . In fact mine split and it was under guarantee and bugaboo sent me another no questions asked.
For my other buggy I purchased a throw over cover as dd ust kicked the cover off it sort of sat on the hood and was useless in the wind. I boufght a standard one from clippasafe. However the bee is wider so not sure if it would actually fit as well.
Have you not got the Cd with the bee instructions have a look on that or e mail bugaboo they are very helpful.

Rosa Sat 04-Jun-11 14:06:05

Guildford nanny you get the raincover with the buggy and then you can purchase a different hood / sun cover if you want and change that.

suzie38 Sat 04-Jun-11 14:09:20

I don't think your suppose to thread the spokes through the hood...I think that's just for illustration purposes...Does the hood have the 'channels' to do that??? I sold mine a while back and never used it in the rain so can't check...I just think Bugaboo hoods are just a tight fit fullstop.

fruitybread Sat 04-Jun-11 14:46:27

If only the hood was a tight fit...In strong winds, it just seems to gust off. Backwards facing, (i.e facing me), I really can't make the back loops of elastic on the cover tie or hook anywhere sensible.

However, I've just checked the rain cover, and Suzie38, you're right, there aren't actually channels to thread the spines through - that picture I linked to shows the spines under the raincover. No hood. Which I really can't imagine anyone actually doing.

So the spines bit was misleading, but I'm still desperate for another raincover. The hood has to be competely up for it to fit at all, I can't use it with the hood just one 'click' up. So when the seat is up, push chair style, and the pram hood is up fully, DS really can't see very much with the cover on. Maybe the main problem I've got is that the rain cover only fits with the Bee facing away from me (which is frustrating, I don't want to use it that way yet), but the hood issue and overall flimsiness are other reasons for wanting another cover.

So any other thoughts for something that would fit bee plus (facing me) would be v helpful.

fruitybread Sat 04-Jun-11 15:02:05

PS I have just e-mailed Bugaboo - I checked the manual online, and they only describe how to fit the raincover when it's facing away from me....Which I suspect is the only way it really fits. Which is kind of daft seeing as one of the selling points of the Bee plus is that it faces both ways.

suzie38 Sat 04-Jun-11 15:05:53

There are lots of generic rain covers out there that you just throw over an existing hood though obviously the Bee isn't huge so a raincover for some travel systems would be too big...I know Mothercare sell raincovers so may have a suitable throw over one or else have a look on eBay...I'm thinking of buying an Oyster soon, which is a similar size and shape but no idea at the moment if they'd fit a Bee.

fruitybread Sat 04-Jun-11 15:46:08

Thanks suzie -

It's getting one for rearfacing that seems to be the problem - I tried a generic one from mothercare before, and even with a little customising, it just didn't fit with the bee that way. I was looking at the Britax covers, wondering if they might do the job. Probably not, all the brand match ones are very specific, I know...

carrielou2007 Sun 05-Jun-11 19:26:55

Umm, it fits when rf and ff, not sure then as mine fits, it rains, I chuck it over though admit those bloomin loops get on my nerves but does fit fine, much, much better than the cam one which drives me around the bend. I have a spare bn bee+ I bought as the old bee ones split but so far all ok, bound to split if now I've said that!!

flossiteacake Tue 14-May-13 09:46:34

I am also using the pushchair in the mummy facing position and threw out my Bugaboo brand raincover as it has driven me crazy from the start. I bought a Bebecar universal cover from Argos on the recommendation of someone selling their bee on Ebay, with a universal raincover. It flaps about less than the Bugaboo one due to having elastic around the edge and poppers, but its too wide and very thick, making it robust but heavy. I'd like to know if any of the other Buggaboo model raincovers would be a good fit? I had an Oyster but sold it before buying the Bee, I wish I'd hung in to the raincover now!

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