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city micro yes no?

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sungirltan Fri 03-Jun-11 13:15:44

dh has given me the go ahead to finally ditch our zapp. i want a 2nd pushchair to put in the car/give to gps/take on trips etc. space and weight wise the zapp was brillant for this BUT i cant unfold/fold with one hand and this was a nightmare when dd was small (trying for dc2 so still relevent problem), you cant carry much on it - if i'm going on a trip i tend to take a nappy bag/fold away booster seat etc etc, it doesnt recline - not a problem for dd really but again dc2 hopefully exists soon....however the most noticable problem atm is the thet zapp is crap off road - wheels not tyres and no suspension etc. i have just shoved it around port eliot and said 'enough!'. when i need a fold up buggy i tend to be going somewhere like the beach/country walk/you get the idea. its the wrong way around - i have a buzz which is fine off round with bouncy tyres but takes up all the boot space!

i like the look of the micro (feel the mini bit indulgent at this stage with dd as she 20 months now) but is it any good off road? any other buggy suggestions welcomed espcially easy fold ones. i have seen it on ebay for £109 so i suppose my budget is about 150 - maybe a touch more for something amazing but this is a 2nd pram not the main one so dont want to splurge


codandchipstwice Fri 03-Jun-11 15:56:24

I've just bought one but putting it up for sale as too heavy to push with ds2 and 3 kids worth of stuff. def not off roader either but have not yet found one that does everything. would recommend micralite superlite as doing most of that

Guildfordnanny Fri 03-Jun-11 21:05:14

If you can, I would invest in the Mini because the wheels, straps, hood, recline etc are better. But if you do go off road the Elite is even better. It's really just the wheels that are bigger rather than the size of the pushchair (there are small differences). I wsh I had bought the Elite single now. It's so easy to pop the wheels off. But all are good pushchairs and mega simple to fold.

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