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Quinny please!!

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ShoopShoop Thu 02-Jun-11 13:33:13


We've just bought a second hand Quinny Buzz. It's a couple of yeard old but in very good condition. I've managed to wash the seat covers reasonably successfully, but need help with the harness straps. They are a white / grey colour (not the black new style) and are quite grubby. Any ideas on how I can restore them to their old colour? Thanks in advance!! smile

suzie38 Thu 02-Jun-11 14:51:44

I find Fairy Liquid is pretty good for getting difficult stains of my very messy DD clothes.

saoirse86 Thu 02-Jun-11 20:51:44

I've done this with car seat harnesses. I use a bowl of warm water with washing powder/liquid. Then use a sponge on it, and leave it in the sun to dry. I've found that works pretty well. smile

I know you might not have this problem, but I had a Buzz and when I came to sell it I thought I'd do something about the annoying front wheel that kept getting stuck. I filled a bucket with hot water and floor cleaner. Then put the wheel in the bucket and left it for a few hours. Then cleaned it up with a sponge and found the wheel worked perfectly and span so easily. I was a bit annoyed with myself I hadn't done it ages before!

ShoopShoop Mon 06-Jun-11 18:12:05

Thanks so much for the advice suzie and saoirse....I had a go at cleaning the straps at the weekend. Fairy liquid was great for most of the marks, but there were a couple of stubborn ones left and I used one of those pre-wash stain sprays (think it was Persil or Ariel) and it worked really well. Straps are white again.....hurrah!! grin

I'm going to do your front wheel trick too saoirse - thanks very much!!

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