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Best buggy for a 18 month old which is comfy enough to sleep in???

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PegPolkadot Wed 01-Jun-11 12:57:58

We are going abroad on holiday soon and now that there are three of us I doubt that we will fit all of the suitcases and our threewheeler in the boot of the car.

I am considering selling our Mamas and Papas pram/pushchair combo (which I currently use for the school run) and my Aria (which is rubbish and is just in the boot of the car) and buying a decent buggy.

I am fairly open to the maclaren techno but I would like one which has a decent legrest for sleeping. I like my P(third)b to be comfy.

PS I am a bit of a puschair snob blush hence the fact that I have had 3 children and don't actually possess a buggy.



We've noticed this thread is quite old and some of the product recommendations are a little out of date. We've spent weeks speaking to parents and testing out lightweight strollers and buggies. Here's our round up of the best buggies available to buy now

Hope that helps!


Guildfordnanny Wed 01-Jun-11 13:26:53

Try a Baby Jogger City Mini. Very flat with the wheels off (simple to do) and will lie beautifully on top of luggage. I had three massive bags and my City Select tandem with carrycot in my car a few months ago because a flat chassis / seats are sometimes easier to deal with than an umbrella fold. And you still retain some pushchair cred!

PegPolkadot Wed 01-Jun-11 14:07:06

Mothercare have got £20 off every £100 you spend at the moment so could get a Maclaren XT for £160 or a Silvercross Pop for £110. Baby Jogger would be £175.00.

WillyBumBalls Wed 01-Jun-11 15:44:48

I loved my City Mini and DS who was 3 at the time slept in it if he had to the only issue was dangling legs because the footrest is built onto the seat so does'nt adjust but it never seemed to bother him, like you though I am a pushchair snob grin

The Cosatto Yo is also a really good pushchair and has a massive seat available at for £129.99

saoirse86 Wed 01-Jun-11 16:51:47

If you do go for a Silver Cross Pop, buy it directly from Silver Cross here for £75 +£10P&P. I've got a 10% off code I can look for if you want to buy it. Their customer service is fantastic unlike Mothercare. They're also selling the Dazzle for £75 but I think the reviews aren't great if I recall correctly.

However, I think the BJCM is a better bet for you. The fold is ridiculously easy and the wheels pop off seriously quickly to make it fold wafer thin. Well, maybe not wafer thin. But pretty thin.

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