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Can you help me meet my rather stringent pushchair demands??

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lucysnowe Tue 31-May-11 17:01:49

Hi all!

This is what I need smile

- three wheeler
- light, if possible
- can fit in the back of a Nissan Micra
- suitable from three months upwards
- has or can fit a buggy board
- not too dear, ideally £50 or under, or available second hand

Can you help????

Thanks a million!!!!

aswellasyou Tue 31-May-11 17:13:44

How about a Petite Star Zia? These are the completed listings to see how much they tend to sell for. They're not amazing quality but they're suitable from birth and are pretty teeny weeny folded up. It depends how much you'll be using it. I know quite a few people who have used one from birth as their only pushchair and their babies are 12 months ish now. I doubt you'd be able to use a buggy board actually. I'll keep thinking but I think it'll be difficult for £50.

lucysnowe Tue 31-May-11 20:16:10

Maybe a bit more expensive then :-) or a bit less second hand, anyway! Maybe up to £100?? Thanks for the suggestion, will check it out!

WillyBumBalls Tue 31-May-11 20:32:01

Hi Lucy can I ask if it is a quickie stroller or a sturdy pushchair you are after?

Looking on Ebay or the for sale boards on here/netmums will get you something better than brand new and save you money if you are on a budget smile

Hauck Citi
Hauck Viper
My Child Orbital
Petite Star Zia

Are all available for less than £100 new.

Britax Vigour 3
Luna Mix 3
Koochi Venture

Are all worth looking into second hand.

Hope that helps a bit smile

aswellasyou Tue 31-May-11 20:37:06

Some more I've thought of:
Ladybird Bubble-looks like a rebranded Zia to me
Cosatto Venture which I don't know anything about
Quinny Speedi which looks good quality but I don't know how small it'll fold. The wheels look quite big so it might make a big difference to the folded size if you're willing to take the wheels off to put in the boot.

I'm struggling again! There might be others that will fold quite small as long as you take the wheels off. I happily do this all the time because I'm often squeezing two pushchairs or one double pushchair in a boot. It doesn't bother me at all but you might be different. I hope I've helped even a little bit. smile

aswellasyou Tue 31-May-11 21:05:15

Actually, you might find that a Baby Jogger City Mini/Micro/Classic/Series will fit and you could find one on eBay second hand in your budget. They're well made pushchairs-much better than a Zia or similar.

FriggFRIGG Wed 01-Jun-11 10:33:48

i reckon a baby jogger city mini/micro would fit...v good quality too smile

lucysnowe Wed 01-Jun-11 13:31:38

Hi guys

Thanks! I am utterly clueless and your suggestions are really useful! WBB, I am looking for a day to day pushchair, I don't want to get more than one if I can help it. But if it falls apart, no worries. Ideally from 3 months to... whenever.

away, thankyou for the addition suggestions - I do like the petite one but the Hauck ones are a bit cheaper - it would be nice to get a new pushchair (for once!). I imagine buggy boards are a bit of a problem on three-wheelers? DD will be 3 1/2 so not entirely necessary but would be useful.

Guildfordnanny Wed 01-Jun-11 13:34:51

It depends which 3 wheelers? Baby Jogger make a glider board which arrives in the UK sometime soon but BJ pushchairs take other buggy boards too, as do many three wheelers.

5inthebed Wed 01-Jun-11 13:54:21

Baby jogger city mini would definitely fit. Nipper 360 might as well, although you might have to remove the back wheels, which is quite easy to do.

Both are around the £100 on Ebay second hand.

Baby jogger city micro is £109 brand new on Ebay, but they are not as good as the mini.

WillyBumBalls Wed 01-Jun-11 15:14:50

Hi again Lucy, the Hauck Citi and Viper are only suitable from 6 months AFAIK.

The Obaby Edge is £139 for the pushchair, footmuff and raincover and looks a bit sturdier than the Zia too as the wheels look a better size which would be better for a bigger child in the long run.

lucysnowe Fri 03-Jun-11 19:24:32

Thanks guys!

Hmm I have a lot to think about! Meantime have set up ebay searches for some of these, hopefully will come up with something good!

Thanks again smile

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