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Carrycot for BJ City Select tandem

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WizzyBizzy Mon 30-May-11 17:23:29

Anyone know how the carry cot fixes into the BJCS and whether you can use other carrycots (either 'legitimately' or if you can fashion a way of securing one in)? I have a carrycot for older child's pram but thinking seriously about getting BJCS when number 2 arrives, but don't want to have to buy a new carrycot if I can get away without! Can't figure out how the BJCS attaches and if you could figure out a way of attaching a different sort of carrycot.

Grateful for your thoughts Thanks!!

WizzyBizzy Mon 30-May-11 17:33:41

Just realised my question is really dumb - the carrycot must attach with a bracket onto the frame right? Sorry, I'm confused - was looking at how carry cots go into other BJ singles and had thought might be the same on the tandem - obviously not. Anyway, if anyone knows if there's anyway of getting a different brand cc onto it let me know!

Also anyone know roughly what I shoudl expect to pay for a second hand one on Ebay with all the kit?


Guildfordnanny Mon 30-May-11 19:00:49

The BJCS carrycot kit is simply the fabric, apron and mattress. You use the frame from the seat unit plus the hood from the seat and build it yourself. I sold mine for £40-50 - I can't remember exactly but one of those.

Guildfordnanny Mon 30-May-11 19:02:24

BTW it uses poppers to fix on and two legs come down to form the shape. Oh you also get a fixed bar to swap instead of the moveable seat footrest.

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