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considering britax b duel 2011...........? anyone have one already?

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littlebrighteyes Fri 27-May-11 22:37:41

after much thinking over last nights thread-am now considering britax b duel 2011................(i have 1o month old and due aug)

anyone got one ? what do u think about them?

thanks x

Guildfordnanny Sat 28-May-11 00:14:21

Yes I have one and I think it is probably the best all round tandem currently on the market. When I say all round, it pushes better than any other tandem (apart from the new ones I am testing), it has a great seat for the newborn underneath which you can add a soft cot to, or else simply use blankets or a cocoon or any cheaper soft cot - but the area is flat with high sides. There is a great shopping basket which I can get two supermarket baskets of shopping in (admittedly packed well and with my baby in the bottom). There is loads of room between the seats because the upper seat is so far forwards. My children both love the mesh in the hoods although I admit I found it an odd concept at first but I love being able to see both clearly especially the baby, who can look up at me. The car seat is fab on top too - I feel very close to the baby. My toddler loves being underneath and begs to go in the seat and play "houses" and "sleep" and asks to be reclined (strange child!). The negatives - large fold but at least both seats fold on the chassis which is fab; wider than most tandems - but it is the wheel guards that stick out and they do flex if you bump into a door frame for example; and I dont like it not having a foot rest because my eldest kind of hangs from the seat. But she is happy enough and thats the main thing. Have a read here and there are loads of photos. Britax have a great deal on the B-Dual where you can get the second seat, or a car seat or a carrycot for free with the chassis. Someone spotted a great price on Amazon which also included this deal so if you want a B-Dual it may be worth ordering one now, get it home, check it over and you could always return it if you weren't happy but at least you wouldn't have missed out on the offer. But personally as a good all round tandem which really works well from birth to three with good storage space and easy to push, then the B-Dual is great.

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