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Mamas and Papas after sales service **APPALLING**

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isabellawella Thu 26-May-11 19:57:13

Could anyone give me some guidance please.
I bought a Mamas and Papas Tour stroller on the 21st March. I went to use it today and one of the screws in the chasis had come out and it wouldn't stay up. I took it back to the store and was told that as I bought it more than 30 days ago I couldn't have a refund, I could only have a repair or replacement. I really dont want another Mamas and Papas buggy as this really frightened me and I was lucky that the screw didnt come out while I was pushing it. At the moment I have really lost confidence in their products. Do I have to accept a replacement or repair or am I legally entitled to a refund. I dont want to go back to the shop if I can help it as I found the staff to be quite rude and condescending when I went there today. I told them that this was only an occasional use buggy but I needed to use it today as my icandy has a puncture. When I asked what I was meant to do now I was told to repair my puncture!
Sorry if that's a bit jumbled but I am livid!

littlebrighteyes Thu 26-May-11 22:22:01

dont have any experiance with them but-i think folk in shops fob you off with the replacement /repair thing-when im pretty sure its your right to have full refund if u got receipt still-i had similar issue in a store-though wasnt pram related............

30 days seems rubbish excuse -for a pram too-
id ring head office up/e mail to complain and say you do not want replacement/repair .......

carrielou2007 Fri 27-May-11 18:00:06

I had the same (though diff shop, diff pram) I was told out of 30 days no refund even though it is something like first 6 months it is assumed the 'fault' has been there from day one, after that it is repair. I had already brought my pram in twice in the 30 days and it was a 50 mile round trip so I was spitting feathers but nope, no refund so I could go to John Lewis and buy the same one.

isabellawella Fri 27-May-11 18:44:43

I have created a facebook group called Mamas and Papas care more about profit than child safety (in my opinion) The group is open to anyone and if people post with their problems with Mamas and Papas I will send the link to the head of customer care.

saoirse86 Fri 27-May-11 21:09:47

I know it's a whole different situation, but in July last year my MIL bought a rocker for us. I was due 2.5 months later so a week before my due date DP got it out to put it together. There was no head hugger (which is obviously essential for a newborn). I emailed M&P and they said I just needed to send them the postcode given when it was bought (ie MIL's postcode) and they'd send a new one out.
Before I got a chance to do that, I went into labour. While I was in hospital my SIL took it into the shop (not realising I'd emailed) and had to have a huge argument with them before they'd agree to give her one.

Maybe try emailing them to see what they say. I've had to email for other things and found them far more helpful than the staff in the shops.

HTH smile

tutu100 Fri 27-May-11 22:02:50

I had a 3 month fight with M&P when a stroller I bought was faulty. By law they do only have to offer a repair or replacement first. If they will replace your stroller I would accept that as unfortunately for me they wouldn't do that they said they had to repair it. A whole catalogue of poor customer service followed and eventually I contacted Consumer Direct who told me what I needed to do. It was another month though before I had a shouting argument with the manager in the store at 5.15pm on a Saturday that they finally gave me a new stroller (which I sold straight away on ebay as I'd had to buy a new stroller in the meantime and I couldn't look at it without remembering all the hassle).

To top it off the vouchers of goodwill they gave me never worked! Have never spent money in M&P since.

jumpinghoops Sun 29-May-11 21:14:25

I too had an awful time with their after sales. We bought an Urbo and (after waiting 6 weeks for a delivery they originally said would be there within the week) we had the pram for 2/3 weeks when one of the wheels became faulty, would spin round in circles and made it impossible to push the pram straight. After spending a god awful amount of time on the phone to an aftersales line that was never answered, we took the pram into the Regent St store and they tried to fob us off, saying the wheel wasn't that bad (!- the pram would only go round in circles!) and they still thought the pram was OK. My partner had stern words and refused to leave without a new one. An hour or so later they realised we weren't going anywhere and gave us a new one. I will never buy anything from them again. Several people have since stopped me and asked where I got our pram. I always tell them not to go near it!

saoirse86 Sun 29-May-11 21:32:10

My DP loved the Urbo and we were really close to buying it. But after frigg told us how bad their service was I did some more googling. It turns out the urbo has had loads of problems with the wheels. I even saw one in one shop that had the same problem as yours where it only turned in cirlces but only in one direction. That all put me off and we went for something completely different from another shop, which we're now really happy with.

suzie38 Sun 29-May-11 21:37:51

A lady wanted to swap her Urbo for my Bee Plus...I'd read about the wheel problems...Needless to say i declined the swap!!!

saoirse86 Sun 29-May-11 21:44:54

That seems like an unfair swap anyway. Bees are worth far more second hand than urbos! You did well not falling for that one suzie! wink

suzie38 Sun 29-May-11 21:46:19

I was stupid a few months earlier swapping my perfect vintage Silver Cross Wayfarer for a c**p Silver Cross Pop...Lost quite a bit of money on eBay as a result.

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