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My God help me - only a bit melodramatic and really very long

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Mumswang Thu 26-May-11 15:56:52

I?m floundering badly and just can?t make a decision, and I?ve confused myself so much I?m going to have to use bullet points confused

I think I need a double pushchair

DS is 20 months, DC2 due imminently

DS was in a sling for the first 5 or 6 months and hardly used a pram, but I guess with a toddler to run around after / bend down to / pick up I may well use a pram more for this one and really ought to get one

Sooooo I had more or less decided on a baby jogger mini (leaving the 2nd hand / new version debate until later)

But already DS walks a lot so:

? Question no 1 ? would I be better with a Phil and Teds so that I don?t end up buying a double, using it briefly then going back to a single? A P&T would do right the way through wouldn?t it?

Now I am unreasonably prejudiced against Phil & Teds, no reason why, I just don?t much like them, they seem huge, and the little baby is in a kind of tunnel under the bigger baby, but may be they like that?

I can see it is a practical solution, and had I bought one the first time around I wouldn?t be having this dilemma now.


Seem to go for not much less on ebay than new (I was planning on 2nd hand)

BUT I am confused by which model to look at; I have established that the explorer is the newest version. This can be got for £392 new with the doubles kit.

? Is the explorer very much better than the sport (which I would be looking at 2ndhand and cost about £250 ish)?

? Can it be folded with the doubles kit on?

I was drawn to the vibe a) because I am a sucker and I think it?s prettier b) they?re not quite so ubiquitous, also c) it?s lighter I believe and I find the normal p&t?s cumbersome and unwieldy and d) because it has a carrycot attachment. I also understand there are a version 1 and a version 2.

? Are there major differences between the 2 versions?

? Does the vibe have other advantages over the explorer or is it just for posers?

? Does the carrycot attachment (peanut?) face you or is it away facing like the cocoon?

? Does the explorer have a carrycot attachment?

And the biggest dilemma of all:

? Do I buy a new explorer or a 2nd hand version 2 vibe? (or a baby jogger ? still not entirely decided on that bit either)

Can someone just tell me what to do please? I?m hormonal and bamboozled Thanks grin

FriggFRIGG Thu 26-May-11 17:49:11

the vibe is awful,awful,awful,bigger,clunkyer,weirdy handle shape,

the explorer has bigger hoods,and handle feels taller,is a bit luxurious

the sport is fine,a workhorse,
but the e3 is pretty much the same thing and can be got for peanuts on ebay.

i have had every one of them....we do not get DC's hate them,lots of screeching.

if i were you,(and my front door was larger) id get a baby jogger city mini double.(which ive also had,and is lurvery)

and BTW,you do need a double,DD is 2.9,and a perfectly good walker,but when one is tantruming,and the other is screaming for a feed,dumping them both in the buggy and zooming of is the only good optionwink grin

aswellasyou Thu 26-May-11 20:19:03

I wouldn't get a tandem like a P&T personally. How about another pushchair you can have in double or single mode? Some options;
Baby Jogger City Select (probably the best but expensive even second hand)
iCandy Peach Blossom (there's a new super duper version too but probably very expensive)
iCandy Pear
Britax B Dual (very popular on here)
M&P Skate (GuildfordNanny thinks this is rubbish for steps though and she knows about these things)

Guildfordnanny Thu 26-May-11 20:20:15

Ok first of all there are two newer P&Ts, the Hammerhead and Verve. You can get a Hammerhead for a similar price to the Explorer. I got a Verve because of the seat limits being the same for both seats but I don't get on with it mainly because of the complete lack of storage but I think my eldest looks squashed in the bottom and too close to the top seat never mind other niggles. Take a look at the P&Ts site for more info on each P&T or [ Best Buggy] for more ideas. But for similar money you can get a B-Dual which is actually shorter than the Verve but offers more features, options and more room for the lower child. My two and a half year old walks brilliantly but trying to shop with her on reins, juggling a pushchair and shopping basket / paying isn't worth the stress. She will be in a double as long as I can ;)

Guildfordnanny Thu 26-May-11 20:24:58

Gosh don't even look at the Skate...I thought I was going to break the handle and hopeless for a newborn and toddler - it's a two 6m plus option like the good Hauck Duett. Honestly if you have the money throw it at a more expensive pushchair. It will hold it's value better. But above all be honest about your reasons for a pushchair. If you want one to simply walk then a P&T will do the job but if you need a handbag/changing bag/shopping then be realistic about whether a P&T is the right option or panniers are an option. I love my BJCS and B-Dual and new Peach Blossom best of all :D

Mumswang Thu 26-May-11 20:27:46

<wobble>. Oooooo that makes it harder

(but thanks)

Off to do more research on those suggestions

aswellasyou Thu 26-May-11 20:40:41

Also, the Uppa Vista something-or-other or the Mutsy Urban Rider ar double/single convertible options. I have no experience of any of these by the way!

Hevster Thu 26-May-11 20:40:52

i have a P&T classic V2 which is the budget explorer, it's fine, does the job and although I don't love it it's a lot easier in town than a side by side and when you only need a single the double seat is very handy for storage. However i do only use it for the nursery run (3 mile round trip 5 times a week) as it's a PITA getting it in and out of the car as the hood comes off and you have to take the second seat off each time. I have tried a maclaren techno twin, baby jogger city classic double and nipper 360 double. The best bit of kit is the nipper but I stuck with P&T as I don't like being as wide as the side by sides make you

FriggFRIGG Thu 26-May-11 20:43:26

although what you really want is the MB duet...its perfect <sigh>

saoirse86 Thu 26-May-11 20:43:39

I don't know that they're any better but what about the britax b-dual. They're similar cost to P&T's. Otherwise these are cheaper new or second hand:

Baby Weavers Lynx or also here

Obaby Xi Sport

Hauck Duett

Guildfordnanny Thu 26-May-11 20:52:01

Mutsy is very heavy and issues with back seat for baby so I believe. Uppa Vista with Rumble Seat looks fab but not in UK yet. FriggFRIGG... Sighs re Duet. I have been asking questions today re why the fold is bigger than the Duo. Hauck Duett - fab but only from 6 month plus unless your toddler doesn't mind being laid back (I know mine would protest). Aren't the Obaby and Baby Weavers kind of cheap P&Ts?

aswellasyou Thu 26-May-11 20:58:13

If you decide on the B Dual, Amazon have a deal on whereby you buy the single pushchair for £255-£400 and get the second seat or carrycot free.

Mumswang Thu 26-May-11 21:11:38

The b dual looks kind of flimsy, is it?

Mumswang Thu 26-May-11 21:16:57

I do like that mountain buggy, but what makes it worth twice as much as a baby jogger city mini?

Guildfordnanny Thu 26-May-11 21:17:19

Nope it's solid! Very sturdy.

littlebrighteyes Thu 26-May-11 21:17:49

hi -following this as i in need of double too-and everyday it drives me crazy and i chane my mind about which one

i looked at b duel as it got good reveiw on best buggy website= then i was looking at it on twins-store website and it said this

Sorry we no longer supply this buggy as feedback has not been great.

removed from stock

which i wondered why? and has now put me off this option

Guildfordnanny Thu 26-May-11 21:19:22

Mountain Buggy - build quality - brand name - testing and it's only 63cms wide which is narrower than a BJCS but the seat widths are bigger than the BJCM. Should have a good resale value. City Mini is a good pushchair too. Great features.

littlebrighteyes Thu 26-May-11 21:20:05

been looking into city select too-and some say heavy to push up kerbs?
plus if u want it from birth u have to buy car seat to use as that......

Guildfordnanny Thu 26-May-11 21:22:55

Twins Store talked to me the other day. They had the old version which did get bad reviews but they said they would look again at the new version. Ask any questions and I will try and answer them. But as an all round pushchair with good space for the lower child, good basket space, easy to push, good newborn space, it's great. Negatives are relatively large fold (but it does fold in one piece and stand upright) and lack of footrest makes older child not sit properly but putting the footrest up resolves this a bit.

Mumswang Thu 26-May-11 21:24:05

Another question about the b dual. Can you have the little baby facing you and the big baby facing outwards? The pictures don't show that option without using a car seat.

Guildfordnanny Thu 26-May-11 21:25:51

Yes City Select is hard to get up kerbs but you get used to pushing down hard, or putting your foot on the bar at the bottom to help, or driving round to find the drop kerbs. But the advantages of seating position, huge shopping basket, flat compact fold, easy to store etc outweigh this niggle for me. But it depends on your town / walking routes. Yes you need a carrycot or car seat for City Select and you need to buy the second seat unit for the adaptors to use either option too.

Guildfordnanny Thu 26-May-11 21:27:16

No you can't mumswang. The lower seat only faces forwards. The upper seat can parent face but there isn't enough room for the toddler. I like the car seat parent facing on top and toddler underneath.

littlebrighteyes Thu 26-May-11 21:27:38

thanks guildfordnanny -u r wealth of infomation ;)

its hard choice cause u want to get it right and dont want to of spent cash on something that is a struggle.

Guildfordnanny Thu 26-May-11 21:27:57

But you are directly above the baby and the hood mesh gives a great view down.

Mumswang Thu 26-May-11 21:33:27


I don't think i want a p&t, I had my reservations and still don't like them

I have seen the baby jogger city select but ruled it out because it was HUGE

Likewise the nipper I ruled out because it was wide and the seats seem too reclined

I still like the baby jogger city mini, looking at the dimensions I think it's not much wider than a p&t

The Amazon on deal makes the b dual very attractive. I'm just not sure if it looks a bit odd (silly I know) think I need to see it in the flesh

V much like the mountain buggy duet but it's v expensive and apparently not yet available closer to making a decision although I think I'm getting there

Hang on I strarted out dithering between 2 and now I'm dithering between loads

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