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Problems with m&p Sola

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DIZZYDALEK Sat 21-May-11 21:56:18

Just wondering if anyone has experienced any problems with the m&p sola? I have had this pushchair for 5 month and my problems have been; a faulty seat recline(sent back to manufacturer seat replaced),front wheel sticking(new wheel needed) and now the latest problem, one side of the chassis creaks and squeaks when you use it and it is very annoying! Lubricated every part of it to no avail, still creaks and squeaks and now the chassis has been sent back to manufacturer.I am hoping I have just had a dodgy one because otherwise it is a nice pushchair.

annielou1 Thu 23-Jun-11 20:18:21

Hi, I also have a sola and have had it for 6 months. Recently the front wheels keep getting stuck and don't swivel properly and it can be quite dangerous when they get stuck crossing the road, getting off the bus etc. I'm really annoyed, as you know it wasn't exactly a cheap purchase! The zip on the footmuff has also broken and the rain cover split. I am hoping to take it into mamas and papas this weekend but I know they will probably try and fob me off!

Bimbles Thu 14-Jul-11 00:18:44

Hi,I'm op I've name changed.I googled wheel problems with sola and it does seem to be a problem.They replaced my wheel for me but they tried to say it had been bashed! Anyway the new wheel every now and then develops a rattle like a dodgy shopping trolley,I take it off give it a wash and lubricate it and it's fine but I know it will happen again.

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