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buggy addicts...over 'ere!

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FriggFRIGG Wed 18-May-11 21:27:14

right can we try to contain ourselves,and stop taking over other threads?!!

<puffs up pillows>

brew ?

suzie38 Wed 18-May-11 21:33:01

Hello...My name is Suzie and i'm a buggy addict and have been since i was a child...My dad would take me in school holidays to play with the buggies in John Lewis...My DD who's just turned 2 has 11 or 12 doll buggies to her name!!! I've had about 35 myself!!! blush

Guildfordnanny Wed 18-May-11 21:33:06

Lol well done ;) So what is your favourite pushchair of the moment / addiction?

suzie38 Wed 18-May-11 21:37:21

My favorite has to be the Donkey but i love my Vigours as well...DH took the Vigour out today because of forecast wet weather and thought he's struggle with a Donkey apron (not used it myself) and he said there's not much between them...But if for some reason ie there was a law to say you could only have one buggy shock i'd have to say my Graco Citisport as it's so tiny, light and nippy with a massive basket or get a reverse handle Combi where the wheels automatically adjust, came across one again tonight.

Honeydragon Wed 18-May-11 21:39:58

Hello my name is Honeydragon, I am a recovering buggy addict, but still can't help window shopping.

FriggFRIGG Wed 18-May-11 21:43:13

well i got my new micralite superlite today!
its lovely,the customs are beautiful, im a little bit in lovegrin

and my MB will be arriving next week <sqeeeeeeeeeeee>

FriggFRIGG Wed 18-May-11 21:44:24

oh id love a RF combi!!

glad you've found us honey!!

suzie38 Wed 18-May-11 21:44:38

I have to say a Micralite has never floated my boat, along with Buzzes or Stokkes.

FriggFRIGG Wed 18-May-11 21:46:15

ive never liked quinnys stokkes....not sure about i candy either...micralites grew on me,like the bee....

FriggFRIGG Wed 18-May-11 21:46:59

quinnys or stokkes

onadietcokebreak Wed 18-May-11 21:47:00

I am a buggyholic and I have been clean since august.

Expecting dc2 which will change that- eyes up rear facers!

5inthebed Wed 18-May-11 21:47:50

Ooooooooo a new pram thread! There used to be one ongoing hread, but the members disbanded sad

As an old pram hun, hello everyone smile

I'm 5inthebed, a recovering pram hun, and I have had 37 prams in the past 2 years. Currently living with a Maclaren Techno XT, but soon getting a nipper 360 and Zapp blush

FriggFRIGG Wed 18-May-11 21:48:28

hello OADCB and welcome,a new baby is a wonderful excuse to buy a RFgrin

FriggFRIGG Wed 18-May-11 21:50:02

hi 5inthebed i caught the end of that thread...went a bit odd,hoping this one will be cheery and light hearted confessions grin

suzie38 Wed 18-May-11 21:50:23

I've never been tempted with an iCandy but if i had one it'd be the Cherry though the Strawberry looks quite good especially as it folds in one piece...I've only got 1 more year of buggies as DD will be 3 then and no more babies for me...Luckily she wears 9-12 month clothes so looks tiny so less likely to get funny looks if she's in a buggy.

FriggFRIGG Wed 18-May-11 21:50:40

37!!! i though 20 was bad!!!shock

onadietcokebreak Wed 18-May-11 21:52:19

Frigg- not according to dp! Got a bjcm and brought a carrycot and new seat for it.

But I want a RF........wail.

Guildfordnanny Wed 18-May-11 21:54:01

Micralites are interesting. I got to play with one briefly the other week. My Babyzen arrives tomorrow. I have been waiting patiently for it for weeks! So I am very excited! Stokkes are just odd. I was pram watching the other day in a shopping centre (am I the only mad one who does this?) and saw about three but on the apron of every carrycot was a handbag! It was really funny. The owners clearly didn't know what to do with them nor wanted to bend down to the bag each time.

Guildfordnanny Wed 18-May-11 21:56:07

I like the look of the Strawberry. The leg rest looks short in real life but the seat is meant to be the biggest iCandy seat. I need to find out if my local shop is having one of the special preview days to have a good play.

5inthebed Wed 18-May-11 21:56:35

It gets worse, I hav had the same prams 2 or three times blush

Loved my micralite, wish I had kept it but didn't fit well in my car boot <wails>

aswellasyou Wed 18-May-11 21:57:09

Hello everyone! My name is aswellasyou and I'm a wannabe buggy addict. I aim to one day own a vintage coach built sort of pram. I don't care that I'll only be able to walk it in the park because they're big and don't always turn well. I also want to have a Zoom or Kolcraft Contours so the babies can see each other but they're just so big. The pushchairs, not the babies. Well actually, Saoirse's baby is pretty big. Mine's not. grin

5inthebed Wed 18-May-11 21:57:37

OADCB, BJCMs are fantastic prams. The carrycot sits really high up as well.

suzie38 Wed 18-May-11 21:59:31

I'm always buggy watching wherever i go...Lots at the seaside but they're usually naff chavvy models...When we decided ttc, not long after we went to Cornwall and were surrounded by Bugaboos, likewise when i went to London a couple of months ago, also lots of P&T's...Local area to my parents is quite good for that, i've seen 3 Uppababy Vistas...Mind you i sold mine last Thursday.

suzie38 Wed 18-May-11 22:00:54

I love the name Saoirse.

suzie38 Wed 18-May-11 22:01:31

I've got 3 Vigours at the moment and 2 Graco Citisports.

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