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Teutonia Spirit 3 or Mountain Buggy Urban

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NewMUM1524 Mon 16-May-11 21:02:19

Could do with some advice and thoughts on these two buggys.

So far we have found plenty of great reviews for Mountain Buggy, not so many reviews for Teutonia though.
I am attracted by the lighter weight of the MB, but the Teutonia reversible seat option keeps pulling me the other way.

Anyone got any views on these two makes to help us out?!
Cheers x

FlingonTheValiant Mon 16-May-11 21:07:02

I love my MBU. When I first swapped DS from the carrycot to the FF seat I admit I did have a little wibble, but he loves it in there and there's a viewing window. We were lucky though, DS fitted in his carrycot for ages. In fact I only moved him out of it because I wanted the MB to take up less space. It works out better for us to have him forward facing as whenever he sees me he wants to be picked up, so I don't think he'd go in the pram at all if he was facing me.

thisisyesterday Mon 16-May-11 21:08:29

ooooh tough one!

i only have experience of the doubles though I'm afraid, we had a mountain buggy terrain double and a big teutonia double.

i think it depends how keen you are to have baby rear-facing tbh. I cannot fault the teutonia in terms of build quality, they're truly lovely prams, very comfortable seats, good hoods, nice to push, big baskets. But they ARE heavy.

the mountain buggies are possibly better made (or were, I hear the build on the post P&T takeover ones is not as great as the pre 2010 models) although you can get pre-takeover Breeze's here for an incredible price!!!
mountain buggies are light, simply made whch means less can go wrong, very sturdy and also have a very good resale value, more so than the teutonia which obviously is less well-known.

NewMUM1524 Mon 16-May-11 21:13:21

Ooh great help already, thanks.
The Teutonia looks more padded and comfy, although its probably a bit tough for me to check out the comfort myself!

I wear hearing aids and was thinking a rear facing would be a good idea when they are older and want to communicate with me. If I went for MB, I would see if I could attach a little mirror. DH likes the MB, which is a good sign at least!

suzie38 Tue 17-May-11 07:43:19

I don't think a mirror would work as babies and toddlers are notoriously fiddly so it would be continuously played with...My DH has severe deafness so i have bought many rear facers though my DD doesn't like it rear facing though she's not talking yet and maybe when she's older and is talking she may appreciate being able to see her dad and have a conversation when he takes her out for a walk...Sometimes she has come back from walks upset and i do think it maybe because a lack of communication because i'm always responding to her 'chatter' as she forward faces because i have no issues hearing it.

saoirse86 Tue 17-May-11 10:29:51

I haven't used either of these pushchairs so can't advise on them. But I agree that it depends how important it is to have your child rear facing. For me, I really like having my DD RF. She's only 8 months but I do feel like she'll be staying like that for a while, especially because she babbles a lot so will probably be a chatterbox! My DP hates it when I've folded the pushchair forward facing and always has to turn it round before he puts her in it.

Maybe the other consideration is how you'll get on with a heavier pushchair. Will you be getting it in and out of the car a lot? Will you be going on buses/trains a lot? If you will, you may find you want a lighter one.

And that breeze thisisyesterday linked to is a bargain!!

Difficult choice! confused

NewMUM1524 Tue 07-Jun-11 12:57:07

Thanks for all your feedback on this.
We opted for the MB in the end as I think DH was more keen on it. Looking forward to it arriving soon!


MonkeysPunk Tue 07-Jun-11 13:55:31

I recently got the mountain buggy swift and so far I'm really happy with the quality and build. I'm a self confessed buggy addict, and over the years and four children I've tried loads of buggies out. I like the mb very much. It feels like a proper decent durable well designed piece of kit. It's also nice to use.
I did need to spray mine with wd40 to get it running smoothly. It felt stiff at first but is fine now.

pramsgalore4 Tue 07-Jun-11 14:27:13

you got the right one have had both i hated the Teutonia spirit 3 when the seat is facing you it is difficult to get in the basket the seat seemed really low and i had a dodgy front wheel which had to be replaced, my mountain buggy i just love and so far no problems, pushes much nicer and my dd likes to face the world now anyway

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