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Buggy Boards for toddlers onto pram/pushchair

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sarahbeth2 Sun 08-May-11 10:02:26

Anyone better than the other? There is one in mothercare, lascal one john lewis and more. Its for an i candy system, not sure what features i should be looking for?!


carrielou2007 Sun 08-May-11 10:15:20

Lascal maxi has been fab for us, fits on my cam, bee+ and MB's. My friend has the icandy peach and it works well on that but check the website it will tell you if it fits.

More pricey than similar boards but owrth every penny if you are a big walker like we are rather than drive everywhere. I bought extra connectors too so I could swap easily with my other buggies and they sell very well when you are done with it!

sickoftheholidays Mon 09-May-11 14:12:12

I would recommend lascal any day of the week, my mum bought a sit and stand thing which was rubbish, DS wouldnt even stand on it as it felt unstable and caused the pushchair to tip when DD got out.
Lascal are very durable and their customer service is amazing.

jimmijam Thu 02-Jun-11 16:04:49

lascal fab
dont get litaf seat to go, feels flimsy in comparison and just not good

Debs75 Thu 02-Jun-11 16:14:59

We have a lascal which I use on an Obaby buggy and a M&P MPX. It is great on the MPX but took me a bit of fiddling to get it right. It is a bit crap on the Obaby and I can't be bothered to faff with it now.
It is very sturdy tho and doesn't make the pram any harder to push

Guildfordnanny Thu 02-Jun-11 22:41:29

I have just been looking at a Trends for Kids multi board which looks so cool. But just to add, I believe adding a buggy board to any iCandy will invalidate the warranty as it isn't recommended. Just so you are aware smile

domsie85 Fri 17-Jun-11 21:12:46

my daughter will be 3 and 3 months when my son is born in august, she will be starting nursery in september, and the walk will be too much for her to start off with. we have a graco quattro tour which we will be using initially when baby is small, but cannot find out anywhere if there is a buggy board compatible with this pushchair. does anyone else have a combination of this pushchair and buggy board, and how well do you get on with it?? thanks!!

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