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Mothercare Spin vs Quinny buzz 4 or anyother suggestions?

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ab334 Sat 30-Apr-11 14:03:27

Hello. This is my first posting on mumsnet. I am due to give birth mid July and currently in the dilemma of choosing the right pram from my new born. I have seen both the MC Spin and the Quinny Buzz 4. I have researched and found mixed reviews on the Quinny and the more reviews I have read the less I feel I want it. But the MC Spin does not seem to have any reviews. I like both prams due to the forward facing and outward facing feature as well as its compatibility with the maxi-cosi infant car seat. I also like the fold down system on both but have concerns that the Quinny Buzz air tires will often puncture as well as the lack of sun shade on the pram and with the Spin I am unsure of what my concerns are due to the lack of reviews. If anyone has any comments or suggestions of a better pram then I would welcome your replies. Many thanks

sickoftheholidays Fri 06-May-11 22:59:44

I dont really rate the buzz either 3 or 4 wheel, lots of people seem to like it but I found it hard to steer, very heavy to lift with the seat and wheels on and also not particularly small when folded ( unless you take the wheels and seat off) seat is tiny too. Shopping basket is pointlessly small and of course you can't hang shopping off a bar handle
I've looked at the mothercare spin and thought the basket was quite small, it's not small when folded and it's heavy too. Never pushed one though.
If you want a rear facer look at the britax vigour, they have a generous seat are very light to lift and fold reasonably small, or the Jane slalom reverse. My best advice would be to check it fits in the car boot, and ask the staff to show you how to fold it etc. If it takes more than 30'seconds to explain how to fold and unfold, abandon it. Difficult folding process +crying baby= harassed mother. Also, ask to borrow someones toddler to see how it pushes with more weight in the seat, any Pushchair handles well when empty or with a newborn, but you get 30lb of toddler in there and it will be a different story.

2tired2bewitty Fri 06-May-11 23:14:05

I had a spin, and think it is a lovely pram, great to push (even the CM thought so), and DD always looked really cosy in it.

BUT, it's massive, we had to buy a bigger car when DD was 4 weeks old, the basket looks big, but you can't actually get anything into it as the central spin column gets in the way, and it's not a very good pushchair - I felt DD was just suspended by the straps and never looked very comfy. I also didn't use the Spin feature very much, partly because I missed her when she was facing the other way (!) and partly because it seemed to throw the weight distribution out and made it quite hard to push, particularly up curbs etc. It's also not easy to push one handed, a thought that has only occurred to me now I am thinking of a DC2.


ab334 Sun 08-May-11 01:19:21

Hello, thank you for your comments. I have visited Mothercare a few times now and tried out the Spin and feel I am leaning towards this one...same as my hubby he really likes it. I will explore the other options suggested and see what happens x

onadietcokebreak Sun 08-May-11 08:15:48

IMO neither.

You can get better more compact prams than either of them.the wheelbase is wide so difficult to get round shops.

Try a britax bsmart ( update vigour i believe)

Cosmosis Sun 08-May-11 16:06:50

We have a spin and really like it. It's lovely to push, and we find the spin feature really handy in cafes! The basket isn't huge and the central column does get in the way a bit, but I've pretty much always been able to fit what we need in there.

xmasbunny Thu 12-May-11 17:25:58

I had the buzz 4 and hated it it's heavy hard to steer and bulky and not compact to fold beauseof its weird shape ds is now 6 weeks and I've ensued it and got a bugaboo instead wish I'd got one in the first place! Love the spin though

Olsmam Fri 17-Jun-11 15:31:58

Hiya take my advice & think very carefully before buying the Spin - mine has been away to Mothercare for over 5weeks now after the chassis collapsed with my baby in while in the pushchair mode - luckily he wasnt hurt but I have totally lost faith with it & just want my money back now. The brakes also stick on constantly - if you need any other reviews check out Mothercare's own website at the customer reviews for the Spin which are terrible since I bought mine......

Jojay Fri 17-Jun-11 15:36:51

I'd be wary of the weight of both those two - if you don't put it in the car much, then fine but if you do, forget it. You will soon get fed up of lugging it in and out, and crave something lighter.

If I was starting from scratch now, I'd get a Baby Jogger City Mini with carrycot for the baby days, and carseat adaptor to make a travel system. That will last you the whole way through, they're very light and great to push.

Guildfordnanny Fri 17-Jun-11 16:42:40

Ditto re the BJCM or a Mountain Buggy Swift.

Guildfordnanny Fri 17-Jun-11 16:43:20

Or the BJC Elite.

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