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Buggy board for bugaboo frog

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karyncake Sun 20-Feb-11 11:36:52

I know this has probably been asked lots of times but how much of an improvement is there on the new 2010 buggy board. All the reviews I have read have been about the old one and it is really off putting.

Also as the handlebars on my frog are not extendable like the chameleon, is there anywhere for my dd to hold on to?

I have heard that many people prefer the lascal maxi board, does anyone use one with a frog and if so how is that working out?

Thank you!

DiamondsRaGirlsBestfriend Tue 30-Aug-11 21:59:15

I was wondering if you ever found out the answer to this? Im 34 weeks preg with number 2 so trying to work out best modes of transport. We tried an old style lascal board today (borrowed form a friend) but it didn't seem to give DD1 enough space to stand.

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