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Bugaboo Cameleon Connector clip

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Housewife2010 Wed 26-Jan-11 14:41:10

The clip that comes down from the shoulder harness and clips onto the waist and crotch strap has broken on our pushchair. After 48 hours I'm still waiting for Bugaboo to reply to my email. I have spoken to the shop who sold it to me and they have said that no parts are available because it is sewn onto the seat unit so we would have to buy a new seat unit. (It is 3 years old and so out of warranty). Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone have any ideas of what I can do other than spend £60 on a new seat unit? I could just use our reins to attach my DS, but them it wouldnt be worth much when I come to sell it which I hope to do eventually.
I read somewhere once that even when a warranty has expired, goods should be fit for the purpose that they are sold for, for the reasonable length of life of the product. Does anyone know anything about this? Surely a pushchair that you cannot strap a child into safely would constitute this?
Any helpful advice gratefully received. It looks as though my very squirmy 20 month could have cost me £60!

HettyAmaretti Wed 26-Jan-11 14:44:30

Broken in what way? Where? I'm hard pressed to think of a breakage that couldn't be fixed yourself by hand.

Tabitha8 Wed 26-Jan-11 14:57:05

Same thing happened to mine. Have fixed it using a cheap carabiner clip I happened to have at home. I think the Cameleon ones are a bit rubbish. In fact, I'm not keen on the harness at all.
As for guarantees expiring, you are quite right. Statutory rights are stronger. A guarantee is just a "nicety" offered by a supplier.

Housewife2010 Wed 26-Jan-11 20:11:55

The end of the clip has snapped off so it can't be attached to the side & crotch straps.
I've finally heard back from Bugaboo (after 2.5 days) & they say I have to get a new seat unit. It seems a bit rubbish that the top straps are sewn onto the seat unit fabric whereas the waist straps are threaded through and are therefore replaceable.

MonkeysPunk Thu 27-Jan-11 09:08:42

please contact trading standards. Out of warranty means nothing. You've only had it three years. It has broken through wear and tear in normal use. The product is supposed to be fit for purpose. It is not reasonable for them to ask you to pay them for a new seat unit. They can surely think of a better way to resolve this. I think they are trying to make more money off you where it's their duty to sort it out warranty expired or not. All this warranty business makes my blood boil. Your consumer rights are still valid. By law!

minxymoosmummy Fri 25-Feb-11 12:56:50

Are you still pursuing this? I am having the same problem with my gecko. It's unbelievable. An extra complication is that I live in norway and bought the thing in the Netherlands. I'd love to know whether you got any results from bugaboo.

girliemum2 Tue 05-Jul-11 17:05:50

Hi there
I have the exact same problem as you with my broken bugaboo clip! My pram is almost 3 years old. I contacted the shop where I purchased pram and they said it will cost £84 to replace! Did you get yours fixed any other way?

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