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Any bugaboo experts around?? Need to talk bee + footmuffs and cocoons.

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TotorosOcarina Sat 15-Jan-11 17:59:13

Because I'm really confused!

I've bought a bee+ for my DS due May.

I want to buy something to go inside as it looks like he will e lolling about in there without.

I've heard that the older bee footmuff will NOT fit the new bee,

that the older cocoon will

that the cam footmuff will not fit but a universal bugaboo one will?! How do you know the difference between a cam one and a universal one?

Am I going to have to shell out a stupid amount on a new bee + footmuff?!

I would really rather buy used!

Any help much appreciated.

mamatomany Sat 15-Jan-11 19:02:45

Have you heard the Quinny Dreami carrycot will fit on the Bee chassis with the car seat adapters ?
I wish i'd known when Ds was born last summer because it was too warm for either the footmuff or cocoon but the pram was far too open without.
If it was me i'd be picking a carrycot up for about £40 and then using a footmuff much later on.

TotorosOcarina Sat 15-Jan-11 19:34:51


wow thanks for that, will have a look into it!

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