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old MB will covers come off?

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ilovecrisps Thu 13-Jan-11 00:14:03

MB is single 2002 or possible 2001.

Can anyone tell me if the covers will come off or alternatively how much it will cost to get new one?

WOuld need the whole thing cover, hood but maybe not basket


fusspot66 Sun 16-Jan-11 20:39:35

Check the website for out and about. I'm dithering about my similar vintage MB Urban as the seat bit is £85 ish and the hood £45 but if I restore it to its full glory it still won't fit in my car! Excellent on the beach on holiday when we use the roof box! Good luck.

thisisyesterday Sun 16-Jan-11 20:54:14

they should do... i have an ancient double and the covers have to come off to fit a carrycot on... so am sure they will on yours

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