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quinny zapp

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ilovesprouts Mon 10-Jan-11 20:03:13

hi my dd fancies a quinny zapp for her little boy are they any good !!

sazm Mon 10-Jan-11 21:02:44

what age is her little boy?

ilovesprouts Tue 11-Jan-11 09:31:54

hes 8 months

wallababy Tue 11-Jan-11 09:37:34

I liked mine, but it doesn't have a basket, and was a bit of a faff to put up, but folded nice and small for storage.

sazm Tue 11-Jan-11 21:15:57

i wouldnt buy it for an 8month old.
i just sold mine as i liked it around the shops but was no good for holidays/days out as lo wasnt comfy sleeping in it.
i love it as a nip to the shops buggy for a 16m+

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