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Mountain buugy Question

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nannyl Sun 09-Jan-11 20:57:44

My wonderful OH has said we can have a mountain buggy smile

i LOVE mountain buggys, and have used them nannying and feel they are the easist to push, but never believed id be prepared /allowed to spend so much £ on a pushchair.

anyway have been told i can have one so am over the moon.

I was wondering if the carry cot fits the single and double mountain buggy... reason being i already know i want just a 15 - 18m age gap so will definitley need a double mountain buggy as well in time.

also does the car seat adapter fit the double mountain buggy as well as the single?


raindroprhyme Sun 09-Jan-11 21:45:35

as far as i know the carrycots don't fit the double and single they are slightly different widths. no idea about car seat adapters

shatteredmumof5 Sun 09-Jan-11 23:40:51

You can get carrycots for the doubles which is what I had but to be honest they will only comfortably fit baby until approx 6 months. They are fab though!! At present i have 3 mb doubles and 8 singles!!! The single carrycots are quite a bit bigger so will last longer though. You can't use the carseat adapters on the doubles I'm afraid.

suzie38 Mon 10-Jan-11 04:41:12

According to the MB website carseat adapters are coming soon for the Duo buggy though from reading it appears it's the American site but does mention Cabrio and Pebble car seats that are also UK seats.

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