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Am so over pushchairs . .

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beckstar24 Thu 06-Jan-11 12:22:05

I still can't find the perfect one - yet I've tried over 70. DS2 has got at least another year of two of buggy life ahead of him and I can't bear it.

Shall I just accept that the perfect one doesn't exist and buy a jive as at least it's cheap - or has all this giving up alcohol gone to my head and a couple of glasses of wine will reinstate my buggy love?


5inthebed Thu 06-Jan-11 12:24:21

Are you sure you're not coming down with something? A Jive? Really?

Go lie down for an hour and think about what you've just said ;)

The perfect pram does exist, you just haven't found it yet.

What do you want from a pram?

MonkeysPunk Thu 06-Jan-11 12:44:28

Baby jogger city summit. Baby jogger city mini. Bugaboo bee plus. Seed pli. Micralite fastfold. Etc. Jive? Have you got a temperature?!

beckstar24 Thu 06-Jan-11 12:53:28

I'm currently on Micralite Superlite (my 4th micralite blush, cheap boots jive type thing and urban detour. have done maclarens to death - baby jogger just can't find the love

I want soemthing I can push with one hand so DS can walk, that will take a family's stuff in the basket, fold down small, fit on the bus, not be wider than 61cm to fit through the hall at nursery, sit upright, be a smooth ride, have adjustable handles and be light to push.

I find maclarens really heavy to push - find BJCM a bit annoying as for the size would rather air tyres but makes the whole thing much bigger.

I love the micralite as it's light but he's nearly out of the seat in his coat and I'm forever getting it wedged as I don't realise how wide it is. Prob is I need a library of buggies depending on my mood but we can't afford it (and DH would go spare as don't have have room for 2 let alone the 5 or 6 I would like).

See - it doesn't exist confused so I think that my bank at least would thank me for getting out of this buggy obsession that's been lingering for the past 5.5 years

MonkeysPunk Thu 06-Jan-11 13:19:44

Oh gosh - think I'm only on year 2 of the buggy obsession! Wonder how long mine will last....?!

Can only suggest the Bee plus - but I'm really not sure on the width - think it's within your requirements though.... I'm sure the bee plus is not wider than the micralite..

Other than that - get the january sale price list from abc buggies and have a think! x

saoirse86 Thu 06-Jan-11 21:07:47

The seed pli monkeyspunk mentioned is reduced to £350 from £799 here if you want the swivel version.
They said the only reason it's so cheap is because they're not popular possibly because they're not well known.
They're a really good warehouse/shop type place in Rugby, Warwickshire. They're doing a 5% discount till 8th jan or do free delivery. Definitely worth a look!

thisisyesterday Thu 06-Jan-11 21:12:18

i tried the seed pli out at kiddicare and it was awful! really flimsy and rickety. wouldn't recommend it.

CarGirl Thu 06-Jan-11 21:17:37

Try a graco citisport/mothercare citilite - only available 2nd hand now I think.

You will be truly surprised at how light and easy they are to push, narrow and huge basket.

I am a former pramo and it's surprising how great a graco can actually be shock

CarGirl Thu 06-Jan-11 21:21:01

I even had one of mine with a buggyboard on and it was fine to push shock my dds usual mode of transport was a bugaboo frog, so I am a pram snob.....

Misdee has had very- many a couple of them as well, but she is probably too busy with her boy at the moment to join in the convo.

suzie38 Fri 07-Jan-11 05:07:24

Someone on eBay is selling Graco Citisports brand new on eBay...2 versions a more luxury version for £70 and a more basic model for £60...I have to admit i love my Citisport i bought for £8 from a car boot...Trying to reduce my buggy collection and DH wants the Citisport gone but my parents love it as it's the one they use...I've always said if it breaks i'd replace it as it's so nippy and light...I love how it folds...Plus as Cargirl said it has a huge basket for it's size.

suzie38 Fri 07-Jan-11 05:10:42

PS...I've also got a Frog and Bee Plus and i still think the Citisport is great...Another similar kind is the Combi's that fold even smaller as they fold in half but i've never pushed on to say if it's just as easy and nippy.

MonkeysPunk Fri 07-Jan-11 13:42:44

thisyesterday I'm wondering if they hadn't got the seed pli set up properly at kiddicare - it's anything BUT flimsy and rickety imo!
It's built like a hummer!!! (although folds very small, and is lovely to push and manouver in my opinion).
I consider it to be very sturdy and durable. I am the sort of person that hates flimsy and rickety prams and I cannot bear to see babies pushed around in tiny "holiday" buggies that are no better built than dolly prams. blush (and please, before you flame me - yes I know this is all some folk can afford to have - I was in this position myself once as the single mum of my eldest many years ago - but I still don't like to see it - I wish I could go and get everyone a luxury pram!).

The seat unit is lightweight - but it's a simple fabric design - and very well made
The chassis is extremely solid! It's top quality imo - having tried out lots of (not counting!) prams (after 4 children), so I'm shocked to hear someone say they found it "flimsy and rickety"! shock (Although I do agree we all have differing ways of deciding what is "flimsy and rickety" or what attribute we look for when choosing a pram)

I also bought mine off ebay for only £199 - from this seller: he doesn't seem to have any on ebay at the moment - but it might be worth contacting him to see if there'll be more listed soon if you were interested in this offer.

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