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Twin toddlers and newborn due...

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sazzleevans Sun 02-Jan-11 10:19:43


On my due date which is 1st Feb my twin girls will be 21 months old. I haven't been very organised but I really need to get my skates on and get a buggy suitable for all 3 as I am on my own a lot and don't want to be house bound or reliant in asking for help 24/7.

I currently have an easywalker duo and a silver cross pop duo. My girls are good at walking but i think I need a buggy for crowd control that will take all 3. My girls are not very big for their age so I think a buggy board maybe not a good option at the mo.

Any suggestions on a buggy. I really could do with some help!!

I LOVE the baby jogger tripple you can get in the states but that's not suitable from birth I don't think? Also it might b too big???

The ABC seems a good option?


onadietcokebreak Sun 02-Jan-11 12:33:37

Babyjogger summit triple is suitable from birth but pricey!

Could you invest in a really good sling? I think a triple is going to be hard to get around with. Maybe worth posting on multiples board?

clumsymumluckybaby Sun 02-Jan-11 19:18:43

these slings are amazing here

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