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Bugaboo Bee - advice needed please!

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littlenuttree Wed 29-Dec-10 20:31:53

Hoping some of you lovely ladies can help me out! I'm pg with DD2 (who is due in around 6wks!) and had a Silver Cross Linear Freeway with DD1. I hadn't been planning to get a new buggy but had DD1 out in the SX the other day and she wanted out to walk. It was practically impossible to push the (empty!) buggy and hold her hand at the same time.

It's thrown me into a bit of a dilemma - if I can't push it while it's empty with one hand, how will I manage when there's a baby in it?!

I had a look around, discovered the Bugaboo Bee and have totally fallen in love! The only issue is that DH is not too enamoured with the price of the Bee +, so I wondered about getting the original model 2nd hand for around £300 or less.

So my questions are:
-Are there many/any disadvantages of the older model when compared with the Plus?
-Would DD1 sit in it quite comfortably if DD2 was in a sling? DD1 is on the wee side, about 90cms tall. (I'd heard that the Plus is better for older toddlers)

Hope you managed to stay awake until the end of me post! Thanks in advance for your help!

Scorps Wed 29-Dec-10 20:33:23

I have the model of Bee you're talking about. My dd1 is about 94cms and she sits in it fine still. I love it.

CarGirl Wed 29-Dec-10 20:34:12

I think the original bee will be fine tbh

I think the main difference is the seat positions rear facing.

Some addicts prefer the original bee to bee+ so it's horses for courses IYSWIM

Other than that get a 3 wheeler, very easy to steer one handed - the nipper 360 is particularly light!

suzie38 Wed 29-Dec-10 20:39:37

I've got a Bee Plus and it's so easy to push one handed even when loaded up with shopping and DD...The Plus seat is easier to turn around though i've only used mine forward facing...My DD is almost 20 months but still wears mainly 6-9 months so is tiny so she'd probably have tons of room in the original Bee...I love the adjustable seat of the Plus though...Plus i prefer the smaller hood profile as DD not a fan of hoods but your LO couldn't careless at first and would always be used to the big hood but might be an issue if DD1 uses the Bee??? And i prefer the spoked wheels on the Plus but that might just be me.

littlenuttree Wed 29-Dec-10 21:13:58

Thanks for your speedy replies! Just a couple more questions from the points made:

- cargirl, what is the difference in the seat position? Is it more reclined in the original compared to the Plus?

- scorps, does your DD1 have enough room around her head with the hood up?

I do like the spoked wheels better too suzi38, but I'm prepared to make the sacrifice! grin

CarGirl Wed 29-Dec-10 21:17:13

Sorry I can't remember which way is which, one is very upright and then reclined rear facing, the other doesn't do upright confused

Actually the bugaboo frog is incredibly easy to steer and push one handed even with a toddler in and I have a bad back! Probaby pick one of them up even cheaper.....

carrielou2007 Wed 29-Dec-10 21:40:35

I hated the bee with a passion, did a 50 mile trip to collect one when 11 days overdue with ds, used it twice and hated it!! I love love love the bee+ though nearly every other pramo I know loved the bee and hated the bee+?? A frog would be fab, so easy to push one handed with proper carrycot but is a 2 piece fold. I have both here at the mo along with half a dozen others, the bee+ does sit bolt upright but also has a good semi recline, can't remember the old bee as only used it flat.

horsemadgal Wed 29-Dec-10 22:35:24

LOL I love the old Bee best.

The Bee Plus just annoyed me, I thought it would grow on me but never did. It is just so open at the sides and very upright and looks like the child is hanging there. The hood rods don't feel as sturdy as the old Bee's and the harness shoulder pads kept slipping down.
The adjustable height is good but my mum always managed to push it down to lowest when reclining seat.

Bad points for both are:
rubbish in snow and ice
how annoying it is to change a footmuff as you have to take the harness straps off
And when child forward facing hard to access the shopping basket.

Fabby points for both:
so light to push
one piece fold
mmmm so light to push
did I say so light to push?

The old Bee is slightly reclined in forward facing. I am still using one for my 22 month old and yes he looks huge in it but he looks huge in anything now really. I have a bumper bar on it and that helps with the recline as he can sit forward if he fancies.

I have pics of him in both plus pics of them side by side if you want to see them, my e-mail is

babydrip Wed 29-Dec-10 22:53:53

horsemadgal do you mind if i mail you for pics please?
im trying to decide between the new quinny zapp and the bee or the bee plus!

clumsymumsnowdriftbaby Wed 29-Dec-10 22:57:46

im selling my bee....(you can pm me if you like)

i do love it though and i'll be very sad to let it go (i may even cry a little bit)...but dp says 5 buggys is too many sadgrin

horsemadgal Wed 29-Dec-10 23:04:34

Course you can babydrip.
Is it the Zapp Xtra with the reversible seat? I've not had that one as the 2 part fold put me off.

babydrip Wed 29-Dec-10 23:15:19

clumsymum....ive pm'd you grin thankyou xxxx
horsemadgal ive emailed you.
thankyou very very much both
best regards

babydrip Wed 29-Dec-10 23:17:01

horsemadgal yes it was the extra, saw it the other day but thought the handles felt a little loose iyswim, and when they put the seat in parent facing mode (very eaisly done i must say) it wouldnt go as upright as outward facing...yes the two part fold is putting me off too.

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