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getting rid of my phil and teds?

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buggyjo Mon 27-Dec-10 20:40:40

ladies can you help me...i really dont need my p&t in double mode,so im thinking would i be better of gettin rid and buying another 3wheeler,something lighter to lift,push,but big anough for a 2 year old to fit in??
any suggestions??

5ElvesMooningSanta Mon 27-Dec-10 20:42:59

Nipper 360 is a great three wheeler, really light. My 5 year old used to sit on the front plate as well when his legs got tired.

Sazisi Mon 27-Dec-10 20:44:12

Yeah, sell it and buy a Baby Jogger City Mini with the proceeds

tutu100 Mon 27-Dec-10 20:45:12

If you want lighter then a Nipper 360 is the lightest 3 wheeler yuo can get. I think they weigh about 7 kgs. I have an old fixed wheel version and find it fantastic. Very manoverable and coped excellently in the snow. Also the lightnest means I don't nearly wee myself (I know I should be doing more pelvic floor excersizes), everytime I have to lift it into the boot.

In fact I love it so much I am considering buying the 360 myself and ditching my Maclaren (which is supposed to be my compact shopping buggy), as it weighs the same as the Maclaren and for a 3 wheeler is pretty compact so you can use it easily round shops etc.

buggyjo Mon 27-Dec-10 21:32:34

thank you all for your advice,had a nipper double and was very light,think single nipper is the way to go!
so next question is how much would i get for a nearly 2 year old sport,and raincover?
is £200 being greedy??

CarGirl Mon 27-Dec-10 21:34:48

I think £200 should be easily achievable unless it's trashed.

buggyjo Mon 27-Dec-10 21:42:56

thanks cargirl,gona hunt around for a nipper now!.xx

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