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Double buggies with an older toddler and newborn

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HalleLouja Mon 27-Dec-10 18:21:39

Ok, so am only 15 weeks pregnant but was trying for a while so bear with me.

My DS will be 3.3 when if all goes to plan DC2 arrives. At the moment we still use the buggy for when he is being a pain. Also live up quite a hill so its useful for going to the local shops etc.

Is it worth getting a double buggy with that age gap. My friend and I have a double maclaren I could use (she doesn't use it with her DCs) or should I just wait and see.

My DH is all excited about buggies but am thinking of just getting a new single one. Though there is nothing wrong with my first wheels I fancy a change!


LadyintheRadiator Mon 27-Dec-10 18:40:06

I would wait and see, it depends doesn't it - how good a walker is DS, how much walking do you do anyway - I have a 3 year gap and haven't gone for a double, but it's winter and I'm not doing that much walking. OTOH if I did have a double I might be walking more because I feel bad forcing DS to walk in the cold IYSWIM.

Sorry, that's a bit rambly, but personally I'd wait and see. I bought a Bee+ when pregnant so no way could I then (or now) say I need a double as well (have two other pushchairs as it is!)

My friend has the same gap, but had her DC2 in summer, and has needed the double loads.

What about a P&T? If I had spare money that's what I'd get.

HalleLouja Mon 27-Dec-10 20:59:01

That is why I was thinking now - if we got a P&T we could use it now and then when DC is born.

The only problem is that I do like a proper carry cot but could just use the First Wheels. I am not in love with the first wheels but it does the job and is good with the maxi cosi.

Decisions decisions.

spikydahlia Wed 29-Dec-10 20:55:35

Maybe you could just get a step for a single buggy for DC2 to stand on? I am very pleased with my Phil and Teds sport tandem buggy, but it is bigger and heavier than my son's other buggy and I wouldn't have bothered if it wasn't for his tantrums (2yo)!!

Maxi cosi cabrio fit Phil and Teds. If your gonna go for a tandem/double I'd reccommend it. smile

spikydahlia Wed 29-Dec-10 20:57:24

...sorry I mean maxi cosi cabrio fit P&T sport; Have to check other models.

HalleLouja Thu 30-Dec-10 18:42:13

I think a trip to kiddicare persuaded DH that a single with a step is the best option. The P&T didn't look like the front seat would do DS for that long.

Thinking of Quinny Buzz with new front wheel bit but am open to suggestions.

MonkeysPunk Tue 04-Jan-11 13:36:09

Joovy Caboose ultralight tandem I saw this in Mothercare the other day - it looks really good - I had a similar one for my girls when they were little - much better than a buggy board - toddler/preschooler can sit or stand - and it's far easier to push than a seperate buggy board with pram is! More grown up for your toddler than being IN a pram - and also a great place to put extra shopping when they are in nursery. It looks good quality irl too!

sazzleevans Tue 04-Jan-11 18:22:40

What about a single ABC bugging with a toddler seat on top?


StantonLacy Tue 04-Jan-11 20:29:31

I've got a Joovy Caboose Ultralight, as mentioned above, and I have to say that while I think it's about the best option for us, I dont love it, IYSWIM ?
(Not like I love the Bee, anyway!!)

I've got a 3 year old DS and a one year old DD and we use it for trips to and from nursery, when we need to get there quickly and without the usual "too tired/can't walk/too rainy" malarky.(you know how it can be with a toddler smile)

The pluses for me are :
DS can sit in comfort and hold on to the handles - nice and secure for him (P&T way too small seatwise)
The integral raincover goes over him as well as DD. (essential in winter)
The seat slides back so he can use the footstep as a buggy board.
It's got a harness, so he can be strapped in for extra safety.
The hood also covers his side of buggy and can be ratcheted (is that a word?!) back and forth to shade either child.

Cons are:
Rubbish at going up kerbs - until you can develop a technique where you approach at speed and tilt at same time! grin
If the baby goes to sleep in the seat and you want to recline as far as it will go, the toddler seat is unusable - DD will go to sleep with it in the middle position, but I feel a bit guilty that she's not as comfortable as she could be.
It's a bit rickety feeling - but I am used to beautiful handling and suspension of Bugaboos (spoiled emoticon)
It's quite long
And when raincover is on DS constantly complains he can't see anything..."aren't you glad you're warm and dry ??!!" I say. Oh, no, he is not.
Plus, DH thinks it looks a bit plasticky and cheap..(must say, I do agree a bit..sometimes look yearningly at P&Ts whilst knowing they would be no good for us)

BUT it gets the job done for us and I am glad we've got it.
Ramble over, HTH ! smile

mummyistheword Tue 04-Jan-11 21:20:03

I've got a p and t explorer, my dd1 just turned three and dd2 is now 6 months, it is priceless. Used other buggys when new baby younger, sold them all! Used a double nipper, was totally fab but with the age gap, 27 months I often was pushing it half filled! And therefore it's size did get annoying, its fiddly fold unfold also, lots bits to clip and pull etc, ok but the new p and t is one hand fold, my dd1 is just on weight limit for second seat in back position and it's a squeeze to get in and out butbonce she's in she looks oj and it pushes very easily, I wouldn't be without it even now dd1 is three, her birthday is dec 27, we start preschool on thurs a couple morns a week, I will need that seat for her when she's tired, cross, its pouring, we are late etc etc. It's great storage when she's not in it, she mostly walks, it's also fab as a single, dd2 is very comfy in both seats.

SickOnMyShoulder Wed 05-Jan-11 17:45:32

What about baby jogger city select? it's like a roomy, easier to fold version of your first wheels, and you can add a second seat. i'd sell my first wheels and buy one of those.

HalleLouja Sun 09-Jan-11 20:54:34

Will look at the Baby Jogger - don't hate the first wheels but fancy a change. If I was getting a double I would want a single that could also be a double is DS is being a pain the bum.

The P&T is not going to work for us. Am hoping that the buggy board will work for us and then could just get a single. There is no way of knowing beforehand. So will probably start with a sling - but that is a different thread entirely.

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