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Those in the know, help please. Doubles.

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girrafey Mon 27-Dec-10 14:35:27

Ok, my need for a new double has arrived.
I have an unusual list of things and would appreciate a list, or advice from people who have used/ liked or disliked them if possible.

I have ds who is 3 (just), he doesnt walk far and trips etc. (mobility issues, being checked etc)
However he is going to be in pre school and not needing this on a day to day basis. But seat must be big enough to accomodate him, is slightly below average size, just into 2-3 year old clothes.

Have dd2 who is with me daily, just 2 this month, however very tiny and even though likes walking, can not do much/ keep up etc. Pushchair will mainly be hers to start with.

Will be nannying for a 5 month old girl from end of jan, 2 days a week so will need a pushchair that ideally can become a double when needed.

Will need to be sturdy and long lasting as will be trying for dc4 in 18 months or so and will not beable to persuade dh for another pushchair then if getting new now, so needs to be adaptable for new born with carseat or carry cot etc in future. But by that point dd2/ and or nannying child will proberly need a buggy board.

so roughly to summerise.

Would like one that converts single to double
Needs seat large enough for a small 3 year old. Main or additional seat not bothered.
New born compatible.
One handle
Basket of at least one shopping bag size.

Got people carrier and no buses.
Would love rear facing option.
Fit with maxi cosi carseat a bonus.
decent raincover etc a bonus.

Have used a p and t vibe before for holiday, didnt mind it and will be acceptable as a plan b, if no better options.

So anyone got any ideas, recomendations etc would appreciate it.

suzie38 Mon 27-Dec-10 15:18:58

Only one that comes to mind is the Bugaboo Donkey but that's not on sale for a while yet and would be very expensive.

Balamorybaby Mon 27-Dec-10 16:23:23

It sounds like a Baby jogger city select might work. Its a single to double with the option of using a carseat or carrycot too if need be. I use a lascal maxi buggy board on mine and baby Jogger are about to release a specific baby jogger one for their own pushchairs too.

Either that or a P&T like the New Explorer or hammerhead which could take a car seat and a toddler seat at the same time.

For my twins I have a baby jogger city select, a P&T Vibe2 and a Mountain buggy double.

CarGirl Mon 27-Dec-10 16:31:05

I found the original P&T explorer better than the sport tbh.

An easylife with a front seat is fab?

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