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Hauck Infinity Travel System - raincover

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Limelight Tue 21-Dec-10 20:28:09


Anyone got any ideas as to where I can track one of these down? Just about to have No.2 and am sticking with my hauck (because it's fab!). The raincover for the pushchair part of the system is torn however and so a new one would be useful.

Incidentally, the carrycot part of the system didn't come with a raincover. Didn't make any difference with DS because it was a hot summer, and he HATED it with a passion anyway (the joys of colic). I wondered if such a thing exists?


Limelight x

RoadCraftGuru Tue 21-Dec-10 20:34:29


My Hauck is on its second baby too. smile

You can definitely get a raincover for the carrycot as I have one. I got the whole thing inc raincovers in a package from kiddicare IIRC.

Have you tried there? I think they still do the system.

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