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Is it only Maclaren buggys that come with hinge cover?

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Tabitha8 Sun 19-Dec-10 16:20:50

Does anyone happen to know? Given that it isn't only Maclarens that have been injuring fingers..... I didn't think to ask when I looked in Mothercare last week.

MonkeysPunk Sun 19-Dec-10 21:22:56

so far as I know it's only the maclarens - however - I recently ordered a Maclaren "Owen" (ltd edition) and it came without hinge covers (it was also a 2007 version I'd been sent!) so I sent it straight back - and bought a baby jogger city mini instead - which proved to be a great alternative and much more roomy and comfy for my child anyway!
They can't get their fingers stuck in this one - and it has many advantages (in my opinion) over the maclarens (it is the same weight as a maclaren xt for example) by having a larger roomier seat - with more ergonomic design - and full layback. A larger shopping basket - which is more easily accessible, the hood is much bigger and provides protection from rain, sun, snow and also darkness for nap time! etc etc.

Tabitha8 Tue 21-Dec-10 15:15:31

Oh, I know, I know grin. Everyone on here likes them. I've never seen one, so might just order online from Mothercare and see what I think. I really wanted an adjustable leg rest as DS is so little for his age. However, I do love the fold of the BJCM.

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