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Comfort of main seat p and t.

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mummyistheword Wed 15-Dec-10 23:46:25

I am currently contemplating the dash. Dd1 old enough to walk but walk to preschool cold, winter, etc and she may be tired after, car not option as rubbish parking, less hassle to just walk with dd2, 5 buggy, I don't want bug board. So question is, for me the doubles seat will be for emergencies and extra luggage space! I'm happy with thaT but what's the comfort like on seat for the baby as she will be in main seat mostly unless toddler poorly or too tired from pre-school. It looks nice, would get a bug snuggle for current arctic weathers and the dash has lovely padding by the look of it but is size ok? Explorer too much money for me, vibe too bulky and sports discount but odd places still sell them though I believe dash better seat recline and brake etc, if not quite as good as new explorer....any dash owners out there can comment on main seat comfort factor please? And how long it will last? My girls grow like weeds! This will be walking pushchair or day trip one, will possget bjcm or something in summer for dd2 quicker trips etc.

sazm Fri 17-Dec-10 10:34:16

i have the older e3 model,and i find it fab,i have a 2yo a 4yo and a 6yo.
when we were on holiday it was SO handy,even my 6yo sneaked in for a nap! it saved us having to go home early when they were tired as they all just took option we wouldnt have had with another double

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