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Best foot muff for a maclaren double?

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girlafraid Wed 15-Dec-10 11:24:16

New baby due shortly, DS will be 2

Friend is kindly giving us a maclaren double, I don't think we'll need it for long (mostly for imprisoning DS I suspect) or use it that much so will be using this and not splashing out on the P&T I was intending to buy

How do I keep a newborn cosy in the buggy? I see Maclaren do foot muffs but do other makes fit the maclaren?

Thanks for any advice on this

SantasENormaSnob Wed 15-Dec-10 14:01:51

The maclaren one I have on my quest is too long so I wouldn't recommend tbh.

I have a universal m&p one on my nipper which is great and not as long.

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